Monday, July 31, 2017

Charity Does Begin At Home! Stopping Your House Draining Your Finances

money draining house
We're all guilty of wasting money, but the biggest waste of money is probably in your home. It's not your home that's the waste of money, but the habits that you have gotten into over the years which results in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars evaporating into thin air every year. So it's worth looking at these and seeing if you are guilty of any of them and so you can start to make some positive changes that will save you money.

Leaving Appliances On

Yes, it's the most basic of principles, turning everything off after you finished using it! But there are so many of us that are guilty of leaving a plug socket on even though we're not using it. Or even something as basic as having the air conditioning on with a window open means that the air conditioning system will require more energy to cool the room, and that will hike up your energy bills no end. So close that window and turn off that light!

Do You Have Storage Units?

The main reason people have storage units is because they have items in the home that don't fit. So you need to ask yourself if the items you have are even worth keeping? Especially if you are paying a huge amount per month to keep these items stored? Or if it's time to move to a larger house. Luckily the modern market means that a lot of people are looking for a home that is already in good quality and if your home already is in a good state, you can sell it “as is” in order for you to find a new property that is suitable for your needs. If you need to sell your home quickly, you should get a good amount of money for it so you can bring the items out of storage and keep them at home, which will also save you a pretty penny!

Feeling The Temptation To Be Modern

We all like the latest appliances with the best features, but if we are using an air conditioner with a remote control, or a voice activated television, you need to decide if these things are actually necessary because it's unlikely that they are energy efficient! It's also worth noting that the cost of installing a new appliance up front may be the equivalent of what you're currently paying out anyway. So are you better off having this new appliance or can you save some money by sticking with what you've got?

Do You Buy Budget Bulbs?

Incandescent bulbs are very cheap to purchase, but they do result in an expensive energy bill. Instead, replace them with LEDs as one LED bulb can recuperate its cost over the course of a year and LEDs can last around 10 years, which is very easy on your wallet.

We can be wasteful when it comes to our energy usage, and this translates to expensive bills. So it pays to be a bit more environmentally friendly as well as finding common sense methods to cut back on your overall expenditure. And as charity begins at home, maybe you can feel the benefits of that charity for once!

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