Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reasons why you should avoid debt settlement companies

When you are unable to pay even the minimum amount of your debt, then debt settlement is the solution you should consider. It is an approach to lower debt, where the creditor agrees on a reduced balance, usually 40% to 60% of the debt. This amount is to be paid by the debtor as a one time, payment. You can arrange your own settlement or hire the services of a debt settlement U.S.A company.The debt settlement companies have a better negotiating power than you and can come to a settlement more easily than you. However there are some disadvantages of hiring a debt settlement company. Some disadvantages are as follows.
  • You pay a heavy price: If you settle debt yourself, you do not need to pay any one except your creditors. However; if you hire a debt settlement company, then they charge you fees that is often very high. Some companies charge a percentage on your debt, usually 15% to 18%.Other companies charge a flat monthly fee that you have to pay throughout the program. So, the settlement companies make the process of settlement not only expensive but also confusing. This is because; you have a great difficulty ascertaining how much your settlement company is actually charging you. Along with this, paying fees to the company reduces the amount that is available to pay off creditors.
  • High drop out rates: You may be paying a lot of money to the debt settlement company yet remain at the same position for a very long period of time. The drop out rate is high because consumers who find themselves in problematic debt situations, have trouble continuing with a payment program that extends for a long period of time.
  • Not paying bills may lead to late fee: Debt settlement companies will usually ask you to stop paying your bills. This may lead to late fees and other charges. These charges get accumulated and increase your debt. As the company does not ask your creditors to stop charging all interest, late fees and other fees, while negotiations are going on, your debt will grow.
  • Your creditors may sue you: Companies usually ask you to stop paying your creditors and this leads to your balances increasing day by day. In order to get paid your creditors may sue you. Keep in mind that when a creditor sues you, the debt settlement company will drop your account, as they do not have the right to represent you in court.