Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beware from Mortgage Fraud............

When we will buy a new house we will go for mortgage loan. But one thing you need to be very clear that before going for any mortgage loan you need to know all the rules & regulations properly.

As i found that there are many mortgage frauds those may cheat you. so, my suggestion is before signing any documents related to mortgage loan just clarify several times. If you are not getting any points just appoint an advisor.

But if you will sign without seeing anything then they will make your life hell. For your information here is a informative video below which will give you some ideas that how Mortgage frauds are working and how they will put you into the trap.

This is only one example which i have shared with you. If any of you have any this type of live experience then you may share with me through comment or mail.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Something Funny but financially informative......

Hi friends, Have a look in this below video. I found it is very funny but informative too from finance aspects. It may help you to make your work more enjoyable.

So, just enjoy it & i must thanks to "you tube" for this video.

Please share your feedback with your opinion which will give me energy to find more informative & enjoyable videos for you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Want to Avoid Foreclosure?

For our dream house sometimes we have to take Mortgage loan. And when we are taking mortgage loan we have to sign few important papers where it will be clearly mention that you have to pay back the amount with in the required timing.

So, after taking that mortgage everyone want to avoid foreclosure. I have got a very good video from "you tube" which will give you the information about how you can avoid foreclosure.

Just have a look. Thanks "You tube" for this useful video.

I hope you got some good information from this video on this mentioned topic. But i need your opinion. Please share your feedback.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometime Payday loans may create some problems....Have a look it may help you.

As we all know that now payday loan is a very popular option to get money instantly. If suddenly you will face any financial problem then payday loan will help you to overcome your problem.

But in this case you have to payback the money with in the required time. But then also there are some risks points which may create some problems. we can say some Hazards of Payday Loans.

I have got one very informative video which will clear all these matter related to payday loans.

So, i am not telling you that you have to avoid payday loans but these points which are mentioned in this above video you need to keep in your mind. How was the video, please share your feedback through comments. Thanks.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Avoid credit card fraud.......with the help of his experience, Have a look.

Now most of people are using credit cards but fraud cases related to this credit cards are increasing day by day. The reason behind this fraud is we are not at all aware about the safety steps which we suppose to follow.

In this video one of the credit card user has shared his experience of "credit card fraud". I think it may help all of you.

Thanks "You tube" for this informative video.

So like this if you have any experience related to this topic please feel free to share with me.