Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Price and Specifications of One Mumbai by Nirmal Lifestyle

Property investments
With the revival of the property markets, more and more builders are confidently launching new projects across all territories of India. The same is the case with Mumbai; which had experienced a rise in purchase costs of properties at the start of the year. The suburban regions of the city are witnessing a brisk demand in new properties. Mulund has emerged as a hot property destination. The suburban region is well connected with the main city via bus and train route. Now there is a spurt of real estate development in the locality. Some of the biggest names have acquired land and launched their projects. One of the most potent among them is the Nirmal builder who has been around for three decades in Mulund.

Details of the Project by Nirmal Group

It is believed by many that the Nirmal Group is responsible for the development of Mulund and its current status of a residential property hot spot. The group has been around for almost 30 years now and has a marked presence in the locality. It is a well known brand in the region and hence its latest offering comes with the promise of timely delivery and world class amenities. The new project has been named Nirmal One Mumbai and is a luxury offering from Nirmal Lifestyle Mulund.

There are currently four buildings under construction in the residential wing. This component has been named ‘One Spirit’ and would comprise of many variants of apartments. There are 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3BHK houses offered here.

While the 1 and 2 BHK have only one variant, the 3 BHK apartments come in two variants. The floor area of the smallest apartment is over 600 square feet while the biggest ones boast of area beyond 1600 square feet. The availability of numerous commercial establishments alongside is what makes these properties so alluring.

The luxury component of the project does not only lie in the apartments (which have a larger area when compared with the standard accommodations in Mumbai). It is the amenities which steal the show. The project comprises of indoor playing facilities along with swimming pool, gym, spa and Jacuzzi. The vicinity to the Nirmal Lifestyle Mall and the proposed commercial spaces in the vicinity are set to raise the demand of these properties in the times to come.

Pricing of Nirmal Project

The house price in the prelaunch phase ranges from a little under Rs. 78 lacs and goes a little beyond Rs. 2 crores. The accessibility of the L.B.S. Road and the road connectivity to Mumbai enhances the importance of the project all the more. The 1 BHK apartment costs the least. The 2 BHK houses in the project have a price tag of Rs. 1.1 crores. The 3 BHK apartments come in variants with a price tag of Rs. 1.43 crores and Rs. 2.05 crores. This project is guaranteed to give the residents an “uber lifestyle experience”, which is not easily gained in the absence of amenities that come with this project.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about these projects can log into the portal and then selecting the ‘New Projects’ section.