Friday, May 24, 2019

6 statistics about employee compensation and benefits you should know

employees compensation
If you are a business owner then before devising an employee compensation plan you need to keep certain things in mind so that all the company employees remain satisfied with the job offer. This article covers the 6 aspects which are deemed as beneficial for the employees.

Benefits of pay in employee compensation

As being an authority you must know that what appeals largely to the workers. You must know that they would not appreciate an increase in a pay rate to that extent but they will highly love the additional perks and benefits in the comparison. In the true sense of the word, these employees need freedom and the additional packages and other add on can grant them that. The additional perks make them happier than you think. So whoever devises the employee compensation plan one must keep in mind the importance of this statistic for increasing the satisfaction level. At the end of the day, the happiness of the employee is all that matters. After all, they are responsible for boosting the productivity of the company. For 90 % of the employee, enjoyment comes before.

Importance of work balance

60% of women enjoy the balance in work life so during the recruiting process the hirer can highlight the aspects and elements which contribute to this balance. Even 48% of the men appreciate the work-life balance so there is a high chance of satisfaction if employees are recruited on this basis.

Perks in employee compensation

57% of new job seekers love the perks offered. If you will be offering additional benefits along with the salary package as part of the employee compensation then there are high chances that you will land up hiring competent people. The top tier talent will be attracted to this employee compensation and thus the productivity of your company will receive a boost. Such a perk will ensure that the employee owns a sense of ownership while remaining loyal.

Transparent Salary in employee compensation

If you want to build the trust level with the employees then you must be extremely clear and transparent about the employee compensation. many organizations are not at all comfortable regarding this matter and thus they fail to build up that trust should never hide the information from the employees but instead, become as transparent in employee compensation as possible so that there remains no room for false hope.

Men get 24.1% Higher Pay

One may know that on average men earn 24.1% more than women. If this is the case in your organization too then you got to fix this air of inequality.

Employee compensation should be fair

This is one of the most shocking yet appreciable facts that about 67 % of the employee in the US is not willing to work in a place where inequality exists. Many don't apply or even leave early due to this unfair attitude of several organizations. Thus this clause must must never be present in employee compensation strategy.

Friday, May 10, 2019

7 Steps to Becoming A Successful Trader

money trader
Trading is about investing the profits of a business entity or individual overstocks. Growth stocks are stocks with companies that invest their profits periodically. Brokers are professionals involved in the buying and selling of stocks. They can trade in stocks via an exchange and charge a commission for that.

It is possible to make a trade over the internet or phone; a broker may even do so on the trading floor as well. However, an investor needs to follow a few essential steps for becoming a successful trader.

Here you have a list of steps to follow and shape your trading future:

■ Right trading plan

A trading plan follows a systematic method for evaluating variables like that of the trading objectives of the investor, his risks, and the appropriate time while trading and identifying securities. Apart from defining all parameters of active trading, a trading plan helps in taking a few logical trading decisions. You may keep yourself from making hasty decisions by opting for the right trading plan.

■ Risk management

Risk management helps in cutting down the trading losses. It can even safeguard your trading account from shedding much of your hard-earned money. The risk element comprises of the losses that a trader incurs. The trader can explore various opportunities of earning money in the market once he learns how to manage the risks.

It’s very much essential for active and successful online trading. Only a couple of bad trades are enough for a trader to generate substantial profits. That is why it is so crucial for you to develop the right risk aversion strategy in advance.

■ Money management

Effective money management reflects the number of contracts or chares that you may trade at a certain point in time. The concept is defensive. It lets you survive a few challenges and keeps your hopes alive for one more day. Through proper money management, you can understand whether you can acquire new funds for trading other positions.

■ Accepting losses

You have to take losses on a positive note if you want to be an expert trader over time. You cannot continue with trading if you cannot sustain losses. Experiencing losses can help you improve your trading strategy and turn into a uniformly profitable trader. Do not expect a high margin of return during the initial phase; instead, you must work sharpen your trading skills and achieve the bigger picture.

■ Knowledge on the market

The stock markets resemble a vast auction that enables the highest bidder to acquire ownership of companies. Compared to the intrinsic value of companies, the amount for which they change owners could be less or more due to the human emotions of greed or fear. You can identify the companies that are selling for less only when you are an efficient investor.

■ Being patient

You must learn to wait for the right opportunity whenever your timing seems off. You must trigger your actions at the most opportune occasion. You must develop an appropriate trading strategy by adjusting the parameters if you are stepping into trading for the very first time. Thus, you will be able to see a few other price bars and learn to be more patient. Eventually, you will learn how to steer clear of a few impulsive trading decisions and wait for the additional profitable trades. With time, you will lose all frustration and stress and know how to trade online.

■ Picking the right online broker

Online brokers face stiff competition from time to time, which indicates a drop in costs and ramping of services. Depending on your priorities, you may opt for an appropriate brokerage account. A state-of-the-art trading platform may seem worthy of spending higher commissions on trade.

Factors that you ought to consider while choosing online brokers include technical needs and trading style, account fees, promotions, account minimum, and commissions. Generally, online brokers offer an identical investment options menu including funds that they trade in the exchange, mutual funds, bonds, options, and individual stocks. Accessing forex trading and futures trading may even get more straightforward with some of them.

Investments dictate two things that you can explore with these brokers. You can explore the amount that you pay in terms of commissions and also know if you can meet your investment requirements. You must pay more attention to your investments as well as the related commissions.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tips on Taking Your Freelance Career to the Next Level

freelance earnings
As a freelancer there comes a time when your level of success takes you beyond what you can reasonably cope with on your own and you need to take your freelance business to the next level.

But it’s important to do it right and if you are ready to expand your business there are a lot of things to consider – firstly if it’s right for you as it can be a big leap from the freedom of only being responsible for yourself, to having staff potentially.

We asked our friends from Crunch, a company that works with freelancers a lot, and they gave us a few things to consider when you are planning to take your freelance career up a notch:

1. Business branding

You need to look at your branding if you want to grow, particularly if you currently operate under personal branding. It’s important that your branding is flexible and can adapt with your growing business and can retain your expertise and authority.

2. Make sure your website is ready

Many freelancers set up simple websites when they start out with personal profiles but if you are planning to expand then your website needs to be up to scratch and also able to flex and change with your business. It needs to be professional and have the option to add in new services, products and staff pages as required.

3. Assess your products and services

You need to look at the products and services which you offer and see where you can grow and where the gaps are. Check your pricing levels and packages offerings to see where you can make improvements and add in extra opportunities for your clients.

4. Talk to your customers

Talk to your customers to find out what they think of your services and if there are any services which they’d like in addition so that you can grow your business alongside your current clients. Look for services which you can offer in partnership, even if it means partnering up with another business to offer them – it’s all a way to grow your business. If you are a designer and your clients request photography then plan to partner with a photographer, for example.

5. Take on staff

If you have got to the point where your level of work exceeds your capability then you may need to take on staff. This might mean staff to help with client work, or it might mean staff to handle other aspects of the business such as an accountant, or an admin assistant, to free up your time to work on the business aspects.

6. Continuous learning and development

As your business starts to grow you will find yourself facing new challenges which will require new skills such as dealing with staff or handling larger contracts and tenders, so you will need to grow your skill base.

As a business owner continuous learning and development should be part of your remit anyway but at this particular turning point in your freelance business it becomes more important than ever to keep your skills updated regularly.

7. Increase your marketing

If your company is growing then you need to up your marketing along with it to ensure it accurately reflects your new offerings, new staff and new approach in order to attract more of the business you need.

8. Improve your expert positioning

As your business starts to grow more and more people will be turning to you for your expertise so make sure you are positioning yourself and your business as leading the way in your industry area. You can position yourself by writing authoritative thought leadership articles, white papers and by giving talks at industry events, among other activities. Being recognised as a leader in your field will go a long way to take your freelance career up a gear.

9. Boost your networking efforts

Boosting your networking efforts goes hand in hand with upping your marketing and becoming a recognised expert. By networking more on a broad scale you will be able to make more and more people aware of what you do and the new services you will be offering so will hopefully meet some new clients that way.

And by networking within your own industry you will become aware of more and more opportunities to promote your business and your expertise at relevant industry events and exhibitions.

Taking your freelance career to the next level might seem scary and going back in the world of working in a team and having colleague and bosses however, it might also be the very ambition you have been working towards.

Growing your freelance career to become your own business with employees and a broad range of services and products is an incredibly exciting time and if you follow all o of the tips outlined here it will help you carve your own path to success.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ways to Earn Extra Income During a Financial Hardship

financial difficulties
Life is much like riding a roller coaster with many ups and downs. Because of this, many people who don't have a budget in place, and live paycheck to paycheck, often experience a severe financial hardship that can be difficult to survive. The good news is that there are many ways to bring in additional money to help ease your financial woes.

Take Out a Loan

During an emergency, if you need access to funds immediately, you can reach out to a family member and ask to borrow money for a few weeks. If this is not something available to you, then you can apply for personal installment loans. In many cases, even if your credit isn't at the preferred level to lenders, these types of loans are easier to acquire.

Sell Things You No Longer Need

A fast way to put some money into your pocket is to sell things you no longer want or need. Check around in your attic, basement or garage and see what you have stored away. If you've resided at the place residence for more than a few years, chances are pretty good, that you have things that others will want to buy. You can have a yard sale or you can take advantage of the computer age and post pictures with a description online at sites such as Craigslist, eBay or the Facebook Marketplace.

Use Your Skills

Most people have acquired skills that they can use to earn additional income. Maybe you enjoy working on cars or you're able to fix just about anything around the house, like a handyman. There's an abundance of public need for services such as lawn care, babysitting and tutoring. You can also check online and apply to do things like take surveys or write for blogs. While they won't make you rich, they will supplement your income and help pull you over the hurdle.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Yes paying your bills on time saves you money, and surprisingly in more ways than you might imagine. When you pay them on time you don't incur a late fee and with some companies that can add up to hundreds over the course of a single year. Beyond the late fees, late payments can cause your credit score to take a hit. Suddenly, you are no longer on the "A" list for lenders so you pay more for things like a mortgage or a car loan and insurance. A low credit score can even prevent you from getting hired at a new company.

Trim the Fat

Every household has areas that need improving. When you find yourself in a tough financial time, trimming the waste can help you make it through. For instance, if you dine out or order take-out at least once a week, cut it back to once or twice a month. The same applies to buying coffee on the way to the office and eating lunch out.

Additionally, start paying close attention to your monthly bills, more specifically your cable bill. This is an excellent starting place for removing wasted money. Instead of paying for many extra channels, half of which you don't ever watch, remove them, and go to basic service until you free up monies to live more comfortably.

Most people will have a period of time in their lives where money is tight. Luckily, when these pitfalls occur there are ways to increase your income and continue to enjoy a comfortable life.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Should college students and teens possess credit cards?

burden of cards
Credit card debt is one of the biggest problems and year after year, there are millions of people who find themselves knee deep in debt. As the interest rates start soaring higher, the payments get missed and this has an overall bad impact on your credit score. While it can be financially traumatic to carry huge loads of credit card debt, credit plays a vital role in our lives. Would you like to purchase a house? If answered yes, unless you have enough money in your bank account, you will require financing it through a lending institution.

Above all, you will need stellar credit rating in order to get the loans that you wish to. How are you supposed to build credit rating if you don’t use credit cards? If you don’t take out online installment loans, you won’t be able to build credit rating. So, let’s read on to know more on young people and debt.

Debt and its impact on the young generation

Once a person turns 18 years of age, they can qualify for their own credit cards and loans and hence they become primary target for the lenders. Since they’re the ultimate vulnerable generation, the lenders are eager to get them into business. This is why most college campuses are filled with credit card vendors and banks which give away freebies so as to attract the younger adults to apply for credit cards. But the young people should be aware of few things before saying ‘yes’ to credit cards.

The biggest problem with applying for their first credit card is that they don’t focus on the terms, interest rates and other features of the card. If they choose the wrong card, they may prepare themselves for failure from the very beginning. There are almost many who aren’t educated about debt and credit cards. All they know is that they have to pay back the money but they understand very less on minimum payments and interest rates. This is when things get out of control.

What makes students apply for credit?

Despite all the negative upshots of credit card debt, there is no doubt about the fact that all students need a credit card. The primary reason behind this is to establish a positive credit history. Being a teenager, you have to build a credit score and hence for that having a credit card is necessary. But that doesn’t mean that you can use your credit cards in any way you want. You have to be sincere about the way you use your cards. Suppose you take out online loans from, wouldn’t you try your best to pay them back on time so as to avoid building debt? Similar is the case with credit cards as non-ability to make payments on time will lead to high interest debt.

Therefore, if you’re a teen, you’ve got to be responsible about your finances, especially about your credit cards. Use them properly so that you don’t incur debt.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Avoid shady lenders and loan scams – How to remain aware

faulty loans
There is no doubt about the fact that the internet makes everything easier and you should deem yourself to be tech-savvy if you want to accomplish tasks online. With the advancements in the fields of technology and the development of apps, everything from paying off your bills to ordering your pizza can be done online. However, did you stop to think that ordering a loan online will have higher stakes as because you need to provide private financial information to people whom you don’t know.

The safest way in which you can borrow money online is by ensuring that you’re dealing with a reputable and trustworthy lender. You also need to watch out for the red flags so that you don’t run the two major risks which are:
  • Ending up paying a hefty amount: Even though you may grab a loan, you may end up paying a huge amount if you take the loan from a shady lender. On the contrary, if you could take the loan from a reputable lender, you will get the same loan amount for less money.
  • Losing money: This is a real risk which has to be avoided by any means. The fake lenders can easily claim the world and charge fees for approving the loan. At the end, you never get what you paid for.
Choosing the right lender

Dealing with a reputable and legitimate lender will safeguard you from several issues. Do your homework by researching on the lenders, reading their positive and negative reviews so that you can get a clear idea on how they help you. You need to keep in mind that everything that you find on the internet is not true. Hence, it is best if you could lend from a lender who is trustworthy and reputable.

Before you hurry up for submitting an application, make sure you check for complaints with the CFPB or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which maintains a database of complaints regarding financial products. All these complaints are posted online within a fortnight. As long as reputable referrals are concerned, you have to ask your family and friends who have borrowed. Ask them how things went with regards to the loan program. The closer is your source, the more confident you will be about the reference that he gives you.

You should avoid sources which are less reliable like the following:
  • An email out of nothing: If you receive an email where a shady company asks you to take loans from them, don’t fall for them. Spammers usually send such mails to millions and the same is true for someone who comes down at your doorstep for loans.
  • Phone calls which are unsolicited: Do you suddenly get calls from a blocked or unsolicited number? Even though it seems that you get the call from a local number, you should avoid such calls as they’re mostly scam.
So, if you’re someone who is eager to know about the different ways in which you can choose a trustworthy lender for your loans, keep in mind the above listed points.