Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Potential of Penny Stocks

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The working world is not for everyone. Office work can be stultifying to personal relationships, bad for family time and work/life balance. How do you make time for your family if you have tough bosses driving your noses to the grindstone? The commute can be a killer as well. What person can really enjoy a hour back and forth, twice a day, on a car and exhaust filled highways, just to get into a gray, drab cubicle, to work with spreadsheets every day.

That is where you can turn to day trading. Day trading and investing can be your ticket out of the rat race, a way to move beyond the cubicle life and get to a place of financial freedom. Penny stocks, studied and traded with wise, measured calm, can be a great vehicle to a profitable future. The key is learning just what penny stocks are in the world of day trading and how to make money off them.

Penny stocks do not actually cost a penny. They are stocks whose shares are priced between $2-$10 and they are hanging out at the fringes of the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ. Or in smaller, lesser-known exchanges. They can be risky, if you approach them with no training or education in the strategy of day trading. So before you jump into penny stocks with both feet, take the time to engage with a proper day trading education site.

The art of momentum day trading can be broken down into discrete strategies and techniques that allow for real profits. It takes time to learn the strategies in online video classes. Then you can spend time watching over the shoulder of veteran traders in chat rooms, as they share their desktop screens and their vision of the market that day. That is one part of a good day trading education site.

The chat room experience can also offer you an opportunity to work with other people who like you, share the hopes and dreams of financial freedom. The day trading world, especially if you are in a home office can be isolating. It helps to have like-minded people in an online space that can give you a chance to hang out with other aspiring traders.

Then the day trading education site can offer you a paper trading experience that will allow you to hone your trading skills and risk management techniques without losing any actual money. Paper trading is a practice of using virtual currency to work in simulated market conditions that mimic the real thing. That way, you can test out strategies, make trades and get a feel for day trading without the chance of losing your life savings. One good rule of thumb is to get to the point where your daily profits in paper trading get to $200, which would translate to $52,000 per year, before you try out the real stock market.

Penny stocks can be a pathway to your profitable future, but only if you take the education part seriously and diligently.

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