Saturday, November 18, 2017

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

bad time in finance
When it comes to money, it’s either going to be a good or a bad situation. Everyone will have gone through both sides of the situation at some point in their life. But what do we do when things go bad? We either have an absolute mental breakdown, or try and get through it as best as we can. This happens all the time, but none more so than with money. If you feel as though you’re someone going through a bad stage at the minute, just relax and take a read of these tips, they should help you get through any bad stage with money.

Ask For Help

This is usually people's last resort. They’ll try every type of loan, credit card, online advice, and before you know it they’re worse off than they were in the beginning. Don’t let this be you. Unless you’re in a good place with money, you shouldn’t really be using a credit card or loan. Credit cards are only useful for building up your credit score. The best thing you can do is ask family or friends for some short term help if you need to lend some money. They’ll have no interest rate, and you can come to an agreement of when to pay the money back so things are a little more relaxed. Whatever you do though, don’t borrow more than you can pay back just because it’s family. Be respectful and always pay what you owe back on time.


Preparation is key if you want to get through a bad situation. As you get a little older things start to crop up that create bad situations. Health issues, pension cuts, whatever it may be it’ll cause you stress that you don’t need. As we become senior we’ll obviously understand that we won’t be round for much longer, the best thing you can do to protect you or your family is life insurance. It’s preparation like this that helps keep everyone from getting into a bad situation. This post discusses the different types of life insurance you can purchase. But whilst we’re talking about preparation, we also need to talk about other life events. Birthday’s, Christmas etc. they all require a lot of money, especially if you have children. This is where the dreaded credit card can get you into trouble unless you’ve prepared. Work out how much you’d like to spend on each event and make it strict. Then divide the money but between the amount of months until said event, and begin to save. It’ll help you out so much in the long run.

Don’t Stress

Money is one of the leading causes of stress and anxiety for people all over the world, but this only makes things worse. There are so many people out there that can help you get out of the situation you’re in, so don’t bottle it up and stress yourself more, talk to financial advisors, or even friends and family and get the situation resolved.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Millennials Preparing for Retirement? Why It Can and Should Be Done

retirement advices
Millennials are in good stead when it comes to saving and planning for their retirement, no matter what anybody or anything may claim. What’s more, they are in such good stead for a number of reasons. To see some of these reasons as well as some Millennial retirement saving tips, make sure to read on.

Millennials have knowledge of the modern world built in and on tap

In order to do something well, especially in regards to finance, you've got to have an understanding of the most up-to-date practices. You've got to have an understanding of how things work and the impact they make. Fortunately, as would be expected, Millennials have knowledge of the modern day in these ways like no other generation, simply because it is their day. This means they have (or should have) knowledge, even if it is just a working knowledge, of the latest financial matters. For instance, Millennials are the generation most likely to know what Bitcoins are, how much they are worth and what they can be used for. And, they can use this knowledge and implement it when it comes to their retirement saving endeavours and specifically their individual retirement accounts (IRAs). They can do this by first checking out this Bitcoin IRA’s review on Huffington Post, then taking the leap and acquiring a Bitcoin (which, at the moment, will cost $8099.99), setting up an IRA and then putting their cryptocurrency into it. 

But, it is a Millennial’s knowledge of Bitcoin in the first place that would set them up for such a venture, or the fact that they can look up information in regards to them, or any other financial matter for that matter, with ease.

Millennials have time on their side

Yep, time is well and truly on the side of the Millennials in regards to a whole host of things, not just retirement planning. In regards to this specifically, however, if they were to take retirement planning seriously now then they would be able to tap into the fact that their money is not only going to grow with interest like no other past generation, but that it has plenty of time to do so, too.

What this means is that any Millennials out there wondering if they should start saving for retirement now should stop wondering, and start doing. Specifically, they should begin contributing to a Roth retirement fund as soon as they can. This is a type of fund that is paid into and contributed to by both he or she who sets up the fund, and any employers they have or will have in the future. And what the proprietor of the fund should do in order to really make the most of it is ensure that they match or beat whatever their employer(s) contribute to it, whenever they do in fact contribute to it. This will see the money, that is tax-free to withdraw upon retirement, grow immeasurably.

Millennials are in a better position than pretty much all in regards to retirement saving. So, if you are a Millennials, don't let this position go to waste! Get yourself retirement ready, and do it soon!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Doomsayer Or Life Saver? The Value Of Considering The Worst Case Scenario

health bill
Thinking about illness, disability, and even death isn't something that most of us enjoy, especially when it relates to ourselves and our nearest and dearest. In fact, if we become too preoccupied with this we can easily be accused of being morbid, pessimistic, or a doomsayer. However, there is value in running the worst case seniors through your mind, as it can help to ensure that you and your family are financially protected if the worst does happen. Read on for more information.


We all get sick from time to time, whether it's the flu or a horrid cold. However, some folks suffer from medical conditions that are a little more serious than that, ones that can be painful, problematic, and even life-threatening. Of course, being sick in such a serious way is often a strain on your finances as you have to pay for treatments to improve your condition or minimize its effect on your day to day life. 

To prepare for this is pretty vital that you have private medical insurance available both for you and for your entire family. Yes, this is often very expensive, but it is still cheaper than medical bills that can run into hundreds of thousands if the worst does occur.

Remember too that as the different hospitals are allowed to charge whatever they like for treatments, not having medical insurance can put you in the vulnerable position of not being able to pay the bills. Even if you have some savings tucked away for a rainy day. Something that you don't want when it comes to yours or a loved one's health. 


For some folks, an illness may lead to disability, and them not being able to earn a wage from work. For others, it may be a condition that they have been born with. Although, whatever the reasons being without an income can make life extremely difficult. 

To assist with this, the Government have put in place a service known as social security disability (SSD), designed to financially assist those that cannot work to support themselves. Unfortunately, the system is under so much stain at the moment that less than half of all applicants are granted official aid on their first request. Something that makes it vital that you also take out private insurance against disability as well. This process like any insurance purchase can be complicated, and you can check out this post on disability insurance coverage options for some help in choosing the right policy. Remember picking the right policy is vital as it could mean the difference between being able to provide for your family or struggling financially. 


Death, the only certainty in life, apart from taxes that is! It's not something we want to waste too much of our time thinking about. However, when we have debts and responsibility to our families to worry about members, it's vital that we risk being called doomsayers and ensure that we are covered financially for this eventuality.

The way to do this is of course by getting life insurance. Doing so can protect your assets and make sure that your family are able to continue to live in their home and be provided for, even if you're not there to be the main breadwinner. Something that makes life insurance a real lifesaver, even if you have to get a little morbid to consider it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Don't Let Healthcare Haunt Your Finances

money health
It’s sad to live somewhere that makes healthcare one of the most expensive parts of your life. So many other countries have affordable healthcare options for everyone, meaning they worry less when a problem happens. Here, if we get a serious illness or injury, it costs thousands of dollars to pay for the treatment. There are even some tragic stories of people fighting cancer and being forced to admit defeat because they can’t afford the medical treatment.

The reality is, for the majority of the population, healthcare haunts our finances. As a consequence, we need to do everything in our power to make any healthcare costs as cheap as possible. What options do you have? There are some, and I’ll talk you through them in the points below. 

Purchase An Affordable Insurance Plan

Health insurance is pretty much essential for people nowadays. You need to have some type of insurance plan if you want to avoid paying through the nose for medical bills. With insurance, certain treatments might be covered, meaning you won’t have to pay for them. The amount you pay for your insurance can often be a lot cheaper than the treatments you have to pay for, which is why it makes sense to take out a plan. Different people are best suited to different health insurance plans, so there isn’t a one solution fits all option here. You need to do the research and find the right one for you.

Always Think About What Caused Your Health Problem

There are plenty of health problems that just happen over time because of the way your body is, or they’re down to genetics. Then, you have problems that might have been caused by other circumstances. Great examples that come to mind include breaking your bones and getting severely injured because you were involved in an accident of some kind, or ending up with health issues thanks to exposure to things like asbestos. In both scenarios, you end up in hospital, with high medical bills, thanks to circumstances out of your control. You don’t have to be a personal injury lawyer to know you’re entitled to compensation if you get hurt in accidents that weren’t your fault. Likewise, if you’ve been exposed to dangerous things at work - like asbestos - you could sue your company. My point is, by looking at what caused your problem, you might find that you’ve got a chance to earn compensation to help cover the medical bills and save money. 

Take Care Of Your Health

Finally, this seems like a silly point, but it’s definitely something that can save money. If you take care of your health, you will avoid being subjected to a lot of different health problems. Eating a healthy diet and being active prevents so many problems such as heart disease, obesity, and lots more. This makes you less likely to end up in hospital needing specialist treatment for certain health issues. It’s a clever way of tackling some health problems that can easily be prevented.

As you can see, there are ways you can try and cut down on your medical expenses throughout life. Otherwise, healthcare will haunt your finances forever, and cost a lot of money in your lifetime.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Never Underestimate The Costs Of Selling Your Home

home selling options
So, you think you’ve got a good chunk of equity in your home, especially after you’ve renovated and remodeled it to within an inch of its life and you’ve kept hold of it for a good few years. Your hopeful that this capital that you have invested in your humble abode will fund your next leap up the property ladder. However, what you haven’t thought through are the financial implications that moving house will have and this can eat into your equity. What can you do to keep the costs of your house sale down to a bare minimum?

Home Loans

When you apply for a home loan for your new house purchase, it pays to try and put down as much of a deposit as you can manage. The lower the percentage of the home value you are borrowing from a lender, the more favorable your interest rate will be. As you shop around for mortgages, try to source one without extortionately high arrangement fees. Some even throw in a free survey. However, don’t get hoodwinked by the gimmicks. You’re still better off with a small initial financial outlay and a great interest rate for the term of your loan.

Where To List Your House

Selling your home and choosing a realtor can be a bit of a minefield. Do your research and consider a more novel way in which to sell your home by inviting realtors to bid for your custom. Agents in your locality can tempt you with offers including returning a chunk of their commission to you once your house sale has been completed. They are still working for a good chunk of commission so will endeavor to sell your home, but you’llalso be lining your pocket to keep down costs. Any money you save on commission can go into savings, renovation costs or top up your home loan deposit.

Investigate a Broker

A good broker can be worth his or her weight in gold. If you are finding it particularly tricky to fund your next home purchase even after realizing the proceeds from your house sale because you’re stretching yourself financially, a broker may be able to find an elusive deal. While they will take a cut for their services, it could be the difference between you making do with an average home or being able to settle into your dream pad.

Where You Shouldn’t Scrimp

Selling your home is still a legal process where all the i’s need dotting and the t’s need crossing. Don’t attempt to cut corners and be tempted to hire the services of a less than reputable property lawyer. Yes, they may be cheap, but there is always a reason for this. Secure the services of a professional based on the first-hand experiences of family and friends. It pays to spend money on the important aspects of your house sale to ensure that nothing comes back to bite you in the near future.

Selling your home can be stressful. However, if you follow these tips, you can save as many of your hard earned pennies as possible without scrimping on your next dream home.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Choosing the Right Medicare Health Plan

payable medical bills
Medicare health insurance may or may not be the only type of health coverage you invest in, but it is often wise to make it at least a part of your overall health-protection plan. And today, you can consolidate your coverage with a Medicare Part C Plan, that integrates private and government based insurance, instead of only having the A & B “original” Medicare as an option.

To be an informed health care shopper in today’s marketplace, you should at least be aware of the basics on what different Medicare plans have to offer. Here is some help to get you started in choosing the plan that is best for you.

What Does Medicare A Cover?

The “original” version of Medicare includes just A & B. Part A is your hospital insurance coverage. It will only cover those medical services considered “medically necessary” to treat a specific disease/condition you are suffering from; but neither is it limited to hospitalizations only, as the term “hospital insurance” might seem to imply.

Beyond hospital expenses, Part A can also cover home health & hospice services, nursing home care, and skilled nursing facility expenses. But again, covered care must be a medical necessity to qualify, and that’s where you’ll need to dig deeper into the details of Medicare’s many rules as you continue your research.

What Does Medicare B Cover?

Part B is Medicare’s “medical insurance.” This covers the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions, when medically necessary. It includes reasonable preventative care as well as treatments.

Here are some examples of what Part B will help you with: ambulatory care and transport, certain pieces of medical equipment like oxygen tanks and blood-sugar monitors for diabetics, doctor’s visits, mental health services, and to a rather limited degree, prescription drugs.

And What About Medicare Part C?

It’s true you can actually add prescription drug coverage to your Medicare via Part D, but one of the best ways to cover your pills and drugs is through Part C. Part C will give you all that Parts A & B will, only more.

The beauty of Medicare Part C plans is that they allow your private insurer to manage and distribute to you your Medicare benefits, which creates competition (always good for getting a better deal as a consumer!)

Plus, you bring all your health insurance elements (hospital, medical, and drugs) under a single comprehensive plan, which can still be customized to your exact needs and budget. You may be able, for example, to create a plan that cover Limitless Pill Alternatives or all of the prescription drugs you currently take or foresee you may need down the road. The possibilities are “multitudinous” if not quite “endless.”

What to Do Next

So you decide you want Medicare coverage or you want to switch over to a Part C plan from your current Medicare? Now what? It’s time to dig down into the details by talking with a Medicare health insurance expert

They can help you see the benefits of a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) more clearly and help you optimally customize your plan. Ask any Medicare-related question you like, and your agent will be able to get you the answer and help you make a truly informed decision.