Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why You Should Choose a Cash Loan Over a Credit Card

Loans while you are in bad credit
Unexpected emergencies can happen to all of us. Your house might need urgent repairs, the car could break down suddenly or a relative might need help. In almost all household emergencies, you are going to need access to funds to fix things or simply to tide you over. For most people who don’t have substantial amounts of cash available in a savings account, borrowing will be the only way to cope.

The temptation will be to either reach for your credit card or to apply for a new one. Credit cards represent a simple and no-hassle way to access thousands of pounds in borrowing quickly and easily. You simply use them as you would your debit card and either pay off the entire balance within a month or make the minimum payment and accrue interest on the outstanding amount.

But although credit cards are a simple way to borrow money, they do come with a number of financial health warnings that you should consider before you start racking up significant sums on your Visa, MasterCard or American Express account.

Cash loans are a good alternative to credit cards if you need to borrow a significant amount of money. Although it might take a little longer to get access to the funds you need, you may end up paying less in interest as well as having a clearly defined repayment schedule which will help you when it comes to budgeting and forecasting your household finances.

Interest rates

Credit cards – Many credit cards are offered with what appear to be very attractive interest rates. While 0% offers dried up in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis, these are starting to make a comeback with a number of the larger banks offering zero rate credit cards. But don’t be in any doubt – these headline figures hide a much more complex picture: 0% APRs are often only offered on balance transfers (so you’ll need to have an existing balance on another card to take advantage of these rates) and there are usually administration fees - which can be as high as £100.

The low interest rates are usually only offered for a specific period – normally six months but sometimes for as long as 18. After the introductory period is up, your card balance will h switch to a variable APR with many cards having very high interest rates – sometimes in excess of 30%.

Cash loans – With a cash loan you will generally know exactly how much you’ll be repaying in interest over the term of the loan. That makes planning your household finances and budgeting accordingly much simpler. Many cash loans have a fixed APR, meaning that your repayments will not change throughout the course of the loan and many of them have lower interest rates than those charged on credit cards which are out of the introductory 0% period.

Access to cash

Credit cards – If you have a household emergency – be it a fire, the failure of an essential piece of equipment or the discovery of some sort of structural problem – the chances are that you are going to need somebody else to carry out the work for you. Few, if any, tradesman accept credit cards – they are going to want paying either by cheque or in cash.

You can get cash out on a credit card but you’ll find that you rack up large charges – or “cash advance fees” – in the process. The credit card company will also charge you a separate interest rate on a cash advance meaning that you won’t get a 0% offer on it. And you will be limited to the amount you can withdraw each day meaning that if you need a large amount quickly, a credit card may make this rather difficult.

Some credit cards come with something called credit card cheques. But don’t be fooled – these are not like the cheques you use with a current account. You’ll be charged a cash advance fee and higher interest rate on them meaning that you could rack up large fees if you need to write one for a significant amount.

Cash loans – With a cash loan, you’ll know how much you want to borrow and will be able to negotiate an interest rate on that amount. Once you’re approved, the money will usually be paid into your bank account within days or hours and you’ll be free to use it as you wish. That means that you’ll be able to write a cheque for the work you need carrying out without worrying about cash advance fees or other administration charges.


Credit cards – Using credit cards may be easy but unless you are very disciplined, you can end up racking up large amounts on more than one of them when you start spending beyond your means. That may be OK when times are good or when you are paying low interest rates on some or all of them, but it gets harder when you’ve maxed out several cards and find yourself paying hundreds of pounds in interest charges every month just to stand still.

With credit cards, once you’ve used up all the introductory offers you can get and your credit rating starts to suffer, you’ll find that you are more likely to have an application for a new card declined. When this happens, you won’t be able to transfer your balances on existing cards onto a new one and you will be stuck with high interest rates on more than one card.

Cash loans – If you’ve got a number of debts and are paying more in interest than you would like, you might like to consider a cash loan to consolidate your debts. It will allow you to pay off some or all of your balances and reduce your repayments with a single monthly amount. You will also have a fixed term for repaying it meaning you can plan accordingly.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the financial sector – working with a selection of companies including technology-led finance broker Solution Loans, who were consulted over the information contained in this piece.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Here is How to Climb the Corporate Ladder as a Business Analyst

Role of a business analyst
It is said that the day you start your new job is the day you should begin to plan for your next job. As much as this statement may not sound right, it is very true. As a business analyst, you should not be stuck in your current position because there are more rewarding positions ahead. You just need to ensure that you stay focused, work diligently and produce results so that you can excel in that position as you strategize on your next move.

If you are looking to climb the corporate ladder as a business analyst, promotions are not guaranteed. Previously, employees used to progress easily but this has changed over time due to organizational structures, globalization and the impact of technology. Today’s employees must employ thought-out strategies and manage their career paths through one or more organizations. At other times, a promotion may not be an upward movement. You may have to make a lateral movement so as to position yourself for an upward move.

Below are some surefire tips on how to climb the corporate ladder as a business analyst:

Develop mentoring relationships

As a junior or a middle-level employee, look out for mentors in senior positions. Such people could be your bosses who you ask for advice on how to improve your performance at work or on other aspects of life. A characteristic of mentoring relationships is that they involve positive working relationships and constant communication. When a vacant position arises, you will be better placed to fill the position as the bosses will most likely recommend you to the position. If your company does not have such kind of mentoring programs, you can try and start positive working relationships with people in senior positions. You will be surprised how far this can take you.

Quantify your results

Whereas promotions are not necessarily as a result of your past performance, having a proper track record of exemplary performance can go a long way in creating a case for your promotion. At the same time, you stop being relevant the moment you fail to produce results. You must strike a good balance because only those who get results can progress to better positions. Keep a record of the results of your efforts that enhanced the company’s profile or placed your department or section in good light.

Sell yourself

If nobody knows how great you are, chances are that you will not get ahead. Let your qualities be known. What do you stand for? What do you bring to the table? If you have invented something or have come up with programs that are successful, let people be aware of them especially the team that is in charge of hiring and promoting staff. Let people know that you are ambitious and that you are eager to get ahead.

Acquire new skills

Look for areas that are critical to the organization and expand your knowledge and practical skills. Technology changes rapidly and so is the job demand. Find ways to not only perform your duties but also stay marketable.

Besides the tips mentioned above, you need to be a team player, act professionally and look out for opportunities. Then and only then will you be able to climb the corporate ladder as a business analyst successfully. Be sure to click this link to get started with your career.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Builders Conference for Housing Sales!

property investments
Before you buy a property or a house you need to ascertain few things based on parameters which you build up for yourself. This is a helpful and intelligent process since it helps you to take an informed decision. As we know and are well aware of, the decision to buy a house is not an easy one and it requires a lot of meticulous saving and careful expenditure. More often than not we need to avail loan options which for a middle class family converts into a lifelong burden and this is the reason we should spend sparingly.

Talking of the parameters, we need to fix a budget firstly which will help us fit our lifestyle comfortably into the plan and not the other way around. Go to some builders’ conference to get a better idea of what they really offer in their projects. This understanding is very important for people like us who need to have first- hand experience for the same. This is because there are certain intricacies we need to learn before we decide to shell out so much amount.

What happens in the conference?

The builder’s conference in Mumbai which is doing its rounds is something quite unique. Here you get to experience the best from the real estate field. There might be builders whose projects you have eyed for some time now. You want to get a better idea of their ongoing projects where you can book a flat for yourself. This real estate expo in Mumbai is the perfect opportunity. You might find some better projects which were not in your radar while you were searching online through web portals, which often do not give you a correct or complete picture.

The property exhibition Mumbai is hosting is one of its kind. You can ask the present experts what can be done and how you should go about while availing the loan option. You might meet banking personnel who might help you in accumulating all the proof that you require. This could mean discussion on interest rates as well so that you can make a well informed decision before spending so much money. In case it exceeds your budget, you could always make a compromise on the size of the flat.

In conclusion

The real estate expo in Mumbai is one thing you must visit if you are genuinely interested in getting a profitable property for yourself. As it takes care of not only Mumbai but most other parts of the state of Maharashtra, it becomes a good way of poking around and ensuring that the property you book does not fail you in any way- from the point of investment as well as qualitatively.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Home Loan Interim Security

Important part of home loans
Everyone wants to have a dream house, but due to financial problem often they are unable to fulfill their dream. There are a lot of people who want to buy a new house, but do not understand how to manage financial burden and repay their home loan. On the other side bank also is looking for interim security which has to be provided by the loan seekers. Interim Security is nothing but security money, if you fail to repay your loan then bank takes your security money and it can be share, insurance policy or any guaranteed investment. Though every bank does not call for interim security, but most of the banks demand it.

When you prepare for taking home loan please calculate home loan eligibility carefully and try to scrutinize all the factors and aspects that influence your financial condition. There are a few parameters which decide home loan eligibility such as loan seeker’s current age, profession, fixed monthly income, if he or she has any property (movable or immovable) its present value etc.

Though every bank has its own home loan eligibility terms and conditions but being loan seeker it is your duty to calculate home loan eligibility and decide best and convenient option for you. Take your time, try to get into this process, know ins and outs of the matter, examine and then take final decision.

Features of the House: India is considered to be the best place for real estate business, especially from the end of the 2014 Indian real estate dealers have witnessed massive growth in real estate market. They provide all types of accommodation as per buyers’ choice and preference with multiple facilities and modern amenities. If you are bachelor, you would be given suitable options which perfectly cater to your demand, but if you have family and looking for a perfect house where you can stay with your family, don’t worry Indian real estate agents would be capable of fulfilling your wish by providing convenient alternatives, where your family and kids would get a new life.

Amenities: Normally 2BHK, 3BHK rooms with drawing, dining, kitchen and bathroom are available, but 4BHK rooms are also accessible along with many facilities. Modern housing complexes are coming up with a number of modern amenities where residents would get car parking facility, visitor car parking place, 24 hours purified water supply, 24 hours power back ups, lift, play ground, indoor games arrangement, jogging track, park, swimming pool, club, gym etc.

Sometime you may get attached balcony that gives you wide range view and makes your room airy. Most of the residential places are developed as per vastu shastro, therefore these housing apartments seem to be perfect for the people who have faith on vastu.

Builder profile: Most of the organizations which are behind these constructions are working more than a decade and their style of working, innovative ideas and good understanding make them top and trust worthy builders.

Conclusion: Though banks calculate home loan eligibility, but still buyers should verify all the possible pros and cons of the home loan plan and try to verify it properly, once you jump into it, nothing can be changed.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to Get out of debt with the snowball method

Debt issues
When it comes to debt management, everyone seems to be the expert at what you should do and how you should manage your repayments. There are so many methods to managing your debt that it can be quite confusing as to which one will work best for you and your finances. Specifically, when it comes to revolving credit, which is the type of credit you have on your credit cards, the snowball method has shown amazing results!

With the snowball method, debt management has become attainable to more people as this method is easy to understand and to stick to. So how exactly does this snowball method work? In short, this method for debt repayment, involves paying off the smallest debt first and only once a small debt has been repaid in full do you move onto to paying the larger debt.

With debt seeping out of every corner it’s often hard to decide where to start in debt management, and it can be extremely overwhelming. The snowball method helps you to focus your repayments and really make some headway in succeeding to make your repayments in full instead of throwing a bit of cash here, and a little bit more there, without really making a dent in your mountain of debt.

With the snowball method of debt management, the focus is on the amount owed on each debt, as opposed to the interest rates of the debt that you have. Getting started, requires making a list of all of your debts, in order from the smallest sum owed, to the largest irrespective of the interest rate. However, if you have 2 debts with almost identical sums, the one with the higher interest rate should appear first in your list.

With this list in hand, be disciplined and make sure that you pay the minimum payment required on each of these outstanding debts. Whatever free cash you have left after covering the minimum payments, should be used to determine how much you can pay towards your lowest debt amount. With this schedule your debt management each month will be the minimum payment on each outstanding debt, plus a little bit extra towards your lowest debt amount.

Debt management is a constant task, until all your figures are sitting at zero. Once you move onto your second debt repayment of the next debt on your list, use the monthly cash that you would have put toward you first debt repayment, that has now been paid in full, to go towards covering that extra repayment on your second debt. Again, your schedule should have a minimum monthly repayment of all debts, followed by a little bit extra on the repayment of your second smallest debt. This should continue this way until you have managed to clear all of your debt including the largest one! Not only does this method work, but it also makes you feel good and in control along the way as you slowly cross off your debt from the list.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tips to experts for renting out apartments in Chennai

Property renting
Renting houses is the new and easy way to earn money in a hassle free and a leisure manner. One has to sit at home and relax while the income comes. Although, it needs initial investment, it is a very convenient and smart way to ensure that the flow of money is regular and stable. Different places have different rent rates. Places like Mumbai and Delhi would have high rent rates as the population there is high and the no of houses there are constant and cannot match the high demand of the population. Renting is also on rise in the real estate sector as people buy properties for investment and in order to make the most of the investment, they choose renting of the property. This in turn proves to be a win-win situation and everyone is happy. The tenants on getting a shelter, the owners on getting income and the brokers as they get their commission for their services. Chennai is one of the most searched and visited cities as far as renting are concerned. It is a metro city and no wonder it is attracting very much attraction. There is no shortage of 1BHK for rent in Chennai. Each and every type of property is available on rent in Chennai. Therefore, while renting out, one must follow these tips:-

1. Quote the price higher than actually expected - this is a method by which the owners can play with the psychology of the tenants. Quoting a higher price will eventually bring down the price to the expected price as people are prone to bargain and negotiate with the owner. This will make the tenant happy as to they have succeeded in bargaining and convince them to take the house at the decided rent!

2. Provide furniture: - this is a method to ensure that the property is rented very quickly. There is no doubt that there are plenty of people looking for a good property and there would be many options matching their need including yours. What can be done to pull them towards your property is to offer furniture. People do not even mind giving extra bucks for the furniture provided by the owner as it eliminates their hassle to transfer or buy property. This will also enhance the speed of getting the property on rent!

3. Use internet and smartphones: - this is a very smart way to publicize and market the property. Today, there are many websites as well as smartphone apps, which help in getting the property rented. Websites like Housing.com simplify the task of renting properties and make the property search process a cakewalk. One can get anything from a plot for sale or 1BHK for rent in Chennai on Housing.com. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and the quick response with maps is a great facility on the website to add cherry on the cake of this simple process!

4. Social media marketing: - another great and upcoming method to market the property is through the social media. Facebook, twitter, and instagram have also become a great tool to do business. Whatsapp is the king when it comes to smartphones and publicizing on the smartphone. Witness the power of social media by using it!

Thus, the above are the ways in which one can get their property on rent in a quick and swift manner! Making most of the available resources is one of the wisest steps one can take to ensure great progress and success in the task. Therefore, be wise and achieve success!