Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Doctor Doctor, Why Are You So Expensive?

Most people dread the day that they get injured seriously enough to go to the hospital. Of course, pain is a big driving factor in this, as no one wants to experience it at any level. It’s instinctual to avoid this sort of sensation. But, along with this, people also dread going to see the doctor because of the price. The average American spent around $10,000 (US) on health care, in 2012 alone, and this number has risen greatly since. But, why exactly are medical treatments so costly?

Before a medical treatment is able to be used on humans in normal conditions, it has to be developed and tested extensively to make sure that it performs the right role. There are many stages to this process, some of which can cost millions alone. This leads to a heavy cost in developing any type of medicine, and this price is usually passed on to hospitals. Without proper funding, these medical organisations have to then pass the costs down to their patients.

Of course, the financial side of medicine wouldn’t be an issue if profit wasn’t a factor in it all. But, unfortunately, most new medicines and treatments are developed and made by private companies, with funding from the government. This makes medicine into a product, instead of a public service, forcing people to pay for it. For example, the biggest pharma company in the world, Bayer, made over €4,110 million in 2015, mostly from selling their treatments to people who can’t live without them.

Like most troubling financial areas, there is a lot of work you can do to make sure you’re not subject to excessive fees when you need medical help. A lot of people will already be protected in one shape or form. But, it helps to make sure that you have the right level of protection for you, as well as some provisions for the future.

Protecting Yourself

One of the best tools you have to help you in the case of steep hospital bills is insurance. Recognising that people can’t afford to pay for their health, loads of companies have popped up over the years offering to cover the costs for you. In return, you will give them a monthly premium, contributing to the pool of cash they have for people that need it. Using a comparison site, you can find loads of great deals on this sort of cover. But, you might already be covered as a benefit from your employer.

Finally, a lot of people don’t have any sort of plan in place to help them in the case that they get injured by someone else. If this happens to you, for whatever reason, it isn’t fair that you should have to cover huge medical costs. Instead, the person responsible should have to pay for this, making sure that you get back on your feet as fast as you can. A company like Gruber Law can help you with this, giving you support in court and helping you to seek compensation. Along with this, though, you could also consider getting some legal insurance to handle this for you.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start preparing yourself for the harsh reality of medical bills and hospital payments. Not a lot of people can afford this sort of cost in their life. So, it makes sense to work hard against it. You have the time to protect yourself, and there’s no need to wait for a better time.

Monday, August 14, 2017

How to Deal with These Six Financial Emergencies

Throughout your life, there will be a whole host of financial emergencies that throw themselves before you. And the thing about most of the items on the following list is that you never know exactly when they are going to strike. All you can do is be as prepared as you can by diversifying your income stream, increasing your assets and putting money aside for any events that may befall you. It is a good idea to know what some of the most common financial emergencies are and this article will give you a fuller picture.

Job Loss

This is probably the one that you thought of first and there is no doubt that it can be an extremely stressful and difficult situation. A simple plan is to have at least three month’s salary saved so you know that you have a financial buffer in case the worst should happen. It is also a good idea to think about alternative revenue streams. This may be through freelance work (which is becoming increasingly prevalent) or making some extra cash through the sharing economy by renting out a spare room, selling you old possessions or some storage or driveway space.


No one wants to think about getting divorced but the people who are the least prepared for it are often the ones that are hardest hit. One course of action that more and more people are taking is forming a prenuptial agreement. And it should also be said that divorce should be seen as a last resort as it sometimes turns out to be a permanent solution to what may be only a temporary problem. 

Natural Disaster

Some areas are more likely to be hit by natural disasters than others and if your home is at risk, the first thing that you need to do is make sure you have the right insurance cover to deal with the situation. You should also think about where you would be able to stay if your permanent residence is suddenly not available. Taking preventative measures is also paramount, so you should make sure that you are well versed in fire safety to start off with.

Being Accused of a Crime

This is one that you may not have thought about before, but there is no doubt that it can end up being costly. For example, if you run a business then an unexpected lawsuit could seriously threaten your livelihood. And if you are accused of any crime, this may affect your current employment situation. It is worth knowing about an affordable criminal defense attorney as they will understand in greater detail what your next course of action should be. If you are accused of any crime, you should make sure that you act swiftly as it is a problem that won’t go away by itself and it is likely to become worse over time.


Bankruptcy isn’t just something that can affect big business owners – it is a risk that anyone who racks up debt on their credit cards takes. So, before planning for any of the other financial emergencies listed, you should first work to clear off your debts at these could end up causing the most damage. Of course, going into business is a risk, but you should make sure that you mitigate the risk by not getting in over your head.

Death of a Loved One

Of course, no one wants to think about any of the items on the list potentially happening to them but the death of a loved one is certainly the most traumatic. So, if you have people who rely on you financially, then life insurance is the first thing that you will want to look at so they are not left in an extremely difficult situation. And there are also other manners to take care of like wills, power of attorney etc. Simply making sure that all these affairs are in order can help to give you great peace of mind.

These six points represent the most common types of financial emergency that may strike you at some point during your life. Ultimately, it is all about being prepared for each individual situation so you are not left worrying after the event has already happened. Hopefully, this article has given you an overview of some of the basic steps you can take to prepare for each of these events individually, but also make sure that you have money set aside to take care of any of these things in general.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Hidden Costs Of A Fire In Business

Humans have understood the dangers that fire poses for a very long time. This primal force is essential to the way humans live, with it powering most of the items we use in our daily lives. Of course, though, it’s never good to have it where you don’t want it. Fire can wreak havoc on anyone, from young children to the biggest businesses, so it’s extremely important that you have your company fire safe. To inspire you, this post will be going through some of the hidden costs a fire can bring.

The Things You Lose

In most cases, fires inside buildings are a lot hotter than the ones you make for yourself outside. This makes it hard for fires to be controlled in these circumstances, often leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Assets are on of the biggest things you stand to lose in a fire, costing a small fortune if you’re not insured correctly. Property insurance can be obtained for almost any type of business, so it’s worth making sure you are properly covered.

Physical items can always be replaced. But, if you lose the important data your business stores, you could have a harder time getting back on your feet. Unfortunately, servers and computers are very fragile machines. Fire will almost certainly destroy them, along with all of the data they have on them. Data recovery companies might be able to help if you don’t have a back up. But, in reality, there’s no excuse not to have your data stored elsewhere as well.

The People Who Get Hurt

When people get hurt at work or while visiting a business, and the injury is the fault of the business, people will usually be able to take the company to court. Looking for compensation for their injuries, they will fight you to make sure your business is branded as irresponsible and unsafe. To fight claims like this, you have to start working long before the fire. Installing fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and hydrants is a start. But, along with this, employees should also be trained in fire safety and a proper procedure in the event of a fire. This will show that you have done everything you can to avoid the fire, and could be enough to save you.

Most people won’t want to shop with a company that they don’t trust with their safety, and, unfortunately, most large fires end up in the news. If you have an incident like this, it can be very hard to recover customer confidence in your company. Along with this, if the fire was caused by lack of safety, your company could face huge fines and even be banned from trading. This sort of area is taken very seriously by governments and law enforcement. So, it makes sense that you take it seriously, too.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working on the fire safety in and around your business. A lot of people don’t realise how important an area like this can be. But, it’s important to have fires controlled long before you ever experience one. Otherwise, the consequences could be dire.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Money Matters: How To Stop Common Issues Creating Long-Term Financial Damage

Nobody is immune from mistakes in this world, especially when money is involved. While financial health isn’t the most important thing in this life, it’s certainly high on the list. When you do encounter those troubles, though, the key is to stop them becoming major long-term problems.

Those issues can come from a whole host of sources and can occur to varying degrees. Nonetheless, finding a quick solution should always be the goal. Here are some of the most frequent problems, along with what you can do to ensure that they won’t haunt you for years.

#1. Needless Spending

Spending money is a natural part of modern life. However, wasting cash is a habit that will come back to cost you dearly. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, it only takes one change of circumstance to put stability in jeopardy. Ignore this at your peril. 

Everyone has different priorities and preferences. Therefore, it would be wrong to say which items do or don’t deserve your money. However, it’s safe to say that spending over the top for simple services like home insurance and gas rates is not good. Using price comparison on those items can have a telling impact.

On a similar note, shopping around for promotional deals and using coupons can cut your monthly expenses too. Apart from anything else, getting value for money will generate a smile. Those savings can be far better spent enjoying your life. If that doesn’t give you an incentive to tighten the purse strings in those areas, nothing will.

#2. Poor Investments

When done right, pumping capital into investments can open up doors to increased personal wealth. Unfortunately, this activity does come with risks. Whether you’re a new investor or an experienced one, minimizing those dangers should be top of the agenda. At the very least, you should take the necessary measures to ensure that any damage can be stopped before it snowballs into serious trouble.

The first step to achieving this goal is to choose investments where the potential loss is at its lowest. Stocks and shares could potentially lose all value overnight, which makes them a bad option. Real estate is a far more sustainable option. Not only because markets tend to follow an upward curve, but also because you’ll have a physical asset at your disposal. This gives you a chance to get out if things go wrong. 

If you’ve been given misleading information from financial advisors, you may be able to fight for compensation.

#3. Career Trouble

Careers are central to deciding financial prosperity. Sadly, many people accept their job for what it is, due to the worry of losing out altogether. In truth, not chasing your full potential could be one of the most damaging things you’ll ever do. 

Nothing in life is more important than your health. When an emergency arises, you won’t be thinking about the costs involved. When it wasn’t your fault, though, you shouldn’t be the one to suffer financially. Experts like Joye Law Firm specialize in helping victims fight for the justice they deserve. This puts people like you in a far stronger position when attempting to take on a perpetrator that won’t openly accept responsibility. 

A successful career isn’t dictated solely by the salary. Still, finding the best paying jobs and knowing that the company appreciates your worth is key for long-term happiness. Do not get it wrong. 

#4. Recklessness 

Financial status is something that is impacted throughout every stage of life. Therefore, failure to take responsibility today could harm your tomorrow too. It’s not all about the money in your bank account either. In truth, credit scores can be equally influential, which is why you must take them seriously. 

Many people ignore the importance of their credit histories for far too long. Unfortunately, a poor credit score could stop you getting a mortgage or borrowing on other assets. Reading advice from specialists at Consolidate Credit can point you in the right direction. Once you start making positive steps, the score should start to see positive impacts in next to no time. It might take a few years to get it back to great health, but all progress is good. 

We are all capable of making silly and simple mistakes. Leaving those issues untreated is easily the worst thing you could do, however. Learn to take action at the earliest stage possible, and the likelihood of suffering long-term damage will be severely reduced.

Friday, August 11, 2017

How to select best peer to peer international money transfer service

transferring money
In the past, if someone wanted to send money overseas, the bank was the only option available to that person. However, when transferring money through banks, hidden costs were often incurred. But in current times, people have better options available, such as Peer-to-peer lending. The basic idea of P2P money transfer is that money does not cross borders which removes bypassing fee. 

Suppose you live in America and have to transfer money to someone living in France. You will pay in dollars to the American account which is owned by the P2P organization, while the recipient will get paid from a French account of that P2P organization. The currency that the recipient will receive will be in Euros. 

CurrencyFair vs. TransferWise

TransferWise charges a commission fee of 0.5% for GBP. Transfers that are below £400 are charged with a £2 fee. Thus, it is a better option if the amount to be transferred is small.

CurrencyFair, on other hand, charges slightly higher fee. Along with a fixed fee, there is varying commission charged as well. Usually, the total average transfer fee is lower than TransferWise while making a larger transaction. Thus, it is a good option if your payments are not very small.

Both these services provide better rates than banks, because banks tend to burden people with not only transaction charges, but mid-market rates as well.

Comparing P2P money transfer services

By taking the below -mentionedfeatures under consideration, selection of a trustable peer-to-peer transfer provider will be easy

Exchange rates

Compare peer-to-peer transfer companies by observing which of them regularly updates exchange rates and provides the best offers. You should know what the average rate is that customers receive from that company and how they compare to market rates.


Find out if there will be any charges that you will have to pay in order to send your money overseas, because there can be fees charged on your transaction as well.

Time duration for transfer 

Before you choose a peer-to-per company, you should also find out how quickly the money will be received by your beneficiary when choosing the transfer company. 

Customer support

Does the company that you are choosing entertain customer queries? It is important to know whether you will be provided any assistance if you happen to face an issue.


Finally, ascertain the worthiness of the company that you are selecting by reading online reviews like this icomparefx review. Check testimonials about that transfer provider to find out if the transfer of funds is safe and properly regulated.

Currencies tend to change suddenly, and your transfer will be paused automatically if the fluctuation results in a 3% change in the currency rate. This can cause excessive time delays. There are cases when a person has to wait a full week for the money transfer. However, regardless of this issue, P2P money transfers are still becoming widely famous because of the various benefits they have.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Financially Secure Your Future: What You Could Consider

secure your money
We can all be a little guilty of taking things in our strides and just loving each day as it comes. With busy routines and hectic lifestyles, it’s understandable that we can get a little distracted with life, and not have much time to think and consider the future.

While it may be something we think about on a recreational basis, such as having a bucket list for destinations we would like to see or experiences we would like to have, it’s harder to consider the practical side and reality of what the future might hold. Whether we have enough money to finance a retirement, what age we could even consider leaving our working lives. It can often be a tough decision to process, which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways any of us could financially secure our future.

Moving to another country

Moving to another country may sound counter productive for saving for your future, as it may cost you money to make the move in the first place. But, the move and the life you lead moving forward could be far more financially lucrative than you would have ever considered before. Becoming a resident in a different country could be a great way to secure financial future, and in places like India, being resident means obtain certain ID’s that can help you to obtain further things in the future. Check out websites like uidaiaadhaarcard.com for more information. Moving to another country means a job that could potentially pay you more than you were earning previously, which could help towards savings in the future or even different investments.

Changing your career for better prospects and earnings

If you are serious about your future, then your current job or career may not be offering the financial prospects you want or deserve, so why not consider changing your job or your career to secure your finances in the future? Often changing the direction in which you work can open up different opportunities for your finances. It might help to improve your disposable income, which again could be sued towards savings and investments in the future such as property or stocks and shares. Websites like thebalance.com has more information on how to make the decision regarding your career. 

Investing in property

Property is one of the biggest and most profitable ways you can secure your financial future. There are a few different ways you can do it that can help to secure financial future. First up is owning the property that you currently live in. After a long time of ownership, the price of the house or flat could have improved significantly, giving you equity that you can enjoy in your retirement. You might want to make some money sooner rather than later, and property could help you do that. By buying a renovation project and selling once completed or buying a property to rent out for a residual monthly income could be a great way to improve your finances in the future. Property is one of the easiest ways and something that you may already be involved in right now, so it is definitely worth considering.

Running your own business

Many people consider being their own boss from time to time, and running your own business s one of the best ways to do it. Having entrepreneurial tendencies can help to improve your financial future as time goes on. You may want to grow your business, employ people, and then perhaps even selling or enabling investors to invest further into your business. It could start as a hobby, be something you can make or produce, or even just working for yourself getting paid more than you would being employed. All of which can help you to improve your finances in the future. 

Saving little and often for your future

Finally, saving little and often can be an easy and cost effective way to save for your future. Saving money that you may not necessarily miss each week can seriously add up in the months and years to come. Other people consider rounding off their bank balance each night, by saving the money separately. Or you can choose to set up a standing order each week or month for an amount you are comfortable saving each month. The small amounts can go a long way by the time you need them.

I hope this has inspired you to think about your future and what you could potentially save for your financial situation. Often thinking about it sooner can mean you are better off financially in your later years in life.