Saturday, September 9, 2017

4 Signs You Need To Expand Your Business Staff

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Let’s face it: hiring staff is tough.

It’s tough because of the great variable of people. Sometimes, you go through a recruitment process and the exact right person emerges as the frontrunner. You know they’re the right fit for your business within five minutes of the interview commencing; it feels like serendipity that you’ve discovered them.

At other times, it’s… it’s not so good, let’s be honest. You go through dozens of interviews and you still can’t quite find the exact person you think would be a good fit for your company. In fact, if we’re being really honest, this scenario is far more likely than easily finding the perfect employee when you’re going through a recruitment process.

As going through the process of employing people can be so tough, many business owners have a tendency to put it off, to defer the stress to another point in time. To an extent, that’s fair enough -- if the business can manage without the extra staff. Below, let’s discuss the signs that suggest that your business isn’t managing without new staff. 

1. Work Is Being Left Undone

All businesses tend to operate on a backlog of sorts; if you keep running out of things to do during the day, then that’s a bad sign. But how big is your backlog? If you’re more than a couple of weeks behind, it’s a sign you need to hire more staff.

2. You’re Having To Turn Down Contracts

If you have ever had to turn down a contract or opportunity for work due to not having the staff to meet the deadline, then this is a red alert. Your business is clearly doing well, you have clients waiting for what you can produce -- don’t look a gift horse in the mouth just because you don’t like the process of hiring staff.

3. You’re Spending More Time Learning Than Doing

If you’ve decided that you would rather learn to undertake specific business tasks such as bookkeeping or webdesign rather than hiring a qualified professional, you are storing up problems. There’s a reason bookkeeping and webdesign (for example) are specialist careers; because performing these tasks well requires in-depth knowledge. If you’re constantly trying to get yourself up to speed with business aspects you don’t really understand, then your business is going to suffer. Hire someone who is qualified in these areas and get your focus back on leading the business itself. 

4. You Haven’t Hired Someone New In The Last Year

Finally, any business needs new ideas once in awhile. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of doing the same old thing, without ever stretching for the innovation that can truly make a business grow. If you’ve not brought someone new into your organization for 12 months, you could probably do with an injection of new blood. 

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is bite down and settle into a recruitment process. With any luck, you’ll find the right person, who can inject energy into your business and give it a new lease of life.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Putting Yourself In The Best Position To Apply For Credit

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More often than not, credit is thought of as a bad thing. Having credit is automatically associated with debt, which can cause people to feel uneasy. However, some credit is necessary for things that are important in life, such as buying a car or applying for a mortgage to buy a house. When it comes to making these important purchases, you’re going to need a good credit rating behind you and putting yourself in the best financial position to get accepted. Concerned about your credit rating? Here’s how you can improve it ready to make those important applications.

Pay off as much debt as you can

You’re unlikely to be accepted for a mortgage or a car loan if your existing debts are high. It’s a harsh reality but is something that is better for you in the long run. Before you even consider applying for a large amount of credit, you need to reduce your overall debt first. It will take you some time, but if you are disciplined and willing to work hard to save - you can clear your debt quicker. There are some good sources of advice to help you clear your debts, and you should use as many of these tips as you can to help you pay your debt off as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Keep an eye on your credit score

There are plenty of ways you can keep an eye on your credit score to help you stay on top of things. Some of the best credit rating agencies include free resources that will not only highlight where your most costly debts are - but tell you how to improve your score. It’s worth checking your credit score regularly as there can be some inaccuracies on your record. If you do find that there are things that don’t make sense or are no longer true (like an account you’ve shared with a friend or ex), then you need to have them removed from your account. Getting a real picture of your financial situation can be tough to take but once you take the plunge, you’ll feel much better - giving you a goal to work towards. Seeing your credit in black and white can also serve as a bit of a wake-up call, something that will shock you into changing your spending habits.

Set yourself a budget

Setting yourself a budget is a good way to stop you overspending and putting yourself into further debt. It can also help you to set aside money to clear your debts quicker, and help you secure some savings too. A budget doesn’t always have to mean cutting back. You might find that there are some things that you could be saving money on, such as insurance or your utility bills - that could free up cash without it affecting your lifestyle. However, it may not be a bad thing to change your lifestyle if you’re spending more cash than you’re bringing in. This will only make you stay in debt, scuppering your chances of being accepted for a large loan. 

When lenders assess your financial position, they won’t just look at your credit rating. They will want to see how you currently manage your finances, and whether there’s any wiggle room should interest rates increase. Showing that you can live within your means while putting money aside at the same time will help you to demonstrate that you are a responsible individual when it comes to money.

Rebuild your credit rating

If you have a lot of credit cards, missed payments or you only repay the minimum amounts each month - it’s likely that you have a poor credit rating. Having a lot of debt doesn’t automatically equal a bad credit rating, it’s what you do with it that matters. Being able to pay your bills on time, avoiding maxing out your limits and not having too many new credit accounts will all help boost your credit rating and make you a more desirable candidate for a loan. 

Another way to boost your credit rating is to actually use credit. They say that you should aim to use up to 30% of your available credit to help you show that you can use it responsibly. If you’ve been refused credit or your score comes up as bad, try a company that specializes in lending to those with bad credit like Really Bad Credit Offers, who might be able to offer you a good deal on a credit card. Use it to spend money on things like groceries or your monthly travel for work, and make sure that you repay the full amount each month. This shows responsible spending and will help your credit score to creep back up to a good place.

Use cash instead of cards

Lenders will want to keep a close eye on your spending habits to see where your money goes each month and whether or not you’ll be able to cope with hikes in payments. If you love to shop, go to bars or spend money on a lot of non-essentials (hair appointments, smoking, etc.), then it might make sense to start withdrawing cash to spend instead. Giving yourself a weekly spending limit will give you something to stick to. If you leave your cards at home and just take cash instead, you’ll be less likely to overspend, and there’ll be fewer questions raised about your spending habits. Save your plastic for when you really need it, and start getting into the habit of only carrying cash with you. If it helps, this useful guide will advise you on how to use your credit card responsibly, detailing the occasions where it’s wise to use a credit card.

Do some research

Getting rejected for credit isn’t the nicest feeling. It also makes you more likely to try for credit again quickly, something that can have an affect on your credit rating. Having too many applications made within a short amount of time can make your situation seem a bit desperate to lenders, but will also bring your score down unnecessarily. Doing some thorough research about your available credit options will help minimize your risk of getting rejected and stop it affecting your credit score.

Top credit bureaus will have facilities that can help you work out your likelihood of being accepted for credit before you make a formal application. They do this by carrying out a ‘soft search’ rather than a hard search that will use some of the financial details you provide to see what sort of credit you’d be eligible for. Choose the options with the likeliest approval percentage, provided they don’t come with a huge interest rate. Make your applications based on these details to help you avoid being rejected.

Getting yourself into a good position to apply for credit is a sensible way to approach a car loan. Like applying for college or a job, you need to prepare in advance to make sure you’re considered an appropriate candidate. It may take some time to get your financial situation into a good place, but it will be worth it when you get there. If however, you’re struggling with your finance and repayments, it’s worth exploring the options available to you to help you manage debts and get yourself out of serious financial trouble. Taking control of your finances is a good step forward at any stage in life, and you should take advantage of the different help that is available to you to help you get there.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Benefits of a Small Business Loan

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If you’re a small business owner, your personal finances are closely tied with your business assets. When your company is doing well, your personal finances are doing well. But if you want to have success, you may need a little help. That help can come in the form of a small business loan. Find out how one can help you.

1. Improve your marketing efforts

One of the best ways to boost your business is to improve your marketing. However, that takes money. Many small business owners don’t have the money it takes to start a large marketing campaign. To get funding for one, you may want to consider a small business loan.

Marketing is a great way to use loan funds because the goal of marketing is to improve your revenue. And effective marketing campaigns can accomplish that goal quickly. If you use a sound marketing campaign, you should be able to pay off your business loan in no time. There’s very little risk and the chance of a high reward.

2. Take care of emergency situations

Emergencies happen, and they can leave you drowning in debt. Without any help, overcoming that debt can be almost impossible. A small business loan may be the help that you need to cope with an emergency. It gives you the funds you need to get back on your feet. Once you start generating your revenue again, you can use those funds to pay off your loan. It helps you avoid your business from coming to a standstill.

There are many emergencies that you can experience. You might find yourself a victim of a natural disaster. Or, you could find yourself ill and incapable of working. In any case, your business may come to a grinding halt. You need help to get things going again, and a loan can accomplish this for you.

3. Buy new inventory or equipment

Every business comes to a point when it’s ready to expand. But expansion isn’t easy. It takes money, and you might not have any to spare. You can use a small business loan to buy any inventory or equipment that you need to expand your business. With it, you can boost the value of your business and increase your revenue. 

Before you decide to buy new inventory or equipment, do your research. Take the time to come up with a sound business plan for your expansion. Price out all the necessary items and find out exactly how much money you will need to expand. You might find that you need less money than you think. In any case, a small business loan can purchase what you need. You don’t need to worry about dipping into your personal finances or wiping out your business account.

A small business loan can completely change the scope of your business. If you need a small business loan, don’t hesitate to apply. Apply now, and find out your eligibility. The loan may be what you need to bring your business to a whole new level.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

4 Financial Mistakes That College Students Make

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Getting to college is the aspiration of many young people. This is because college education equips the young with the skills and capabilities to take over the world. College is, therefore, a time a personal development and academic progression. But that is not all that happens on campus. College students get into a lot of mischief during their stay in college. With their new found freedom, college students are free to do whatever they want and more often than not they end up doing the wrong things. Most of these mistakes are related to their finances and considering that college students have limited resources, these mistakes are usually very costly. Let’s now take a look at some of the financial mistakes that college students make.

1. Not getting scholarships.

Scholarships provide students with a great opportunity to reduce their education-related expenses. With the cost of tuition at an all-time high, scholarships help students pay for their education without taking up a lot of loans. The fact that you don’t have to pay them back makes scholarship the best way to pay for your education. Most college students, however, don’t secure higher education scholarships and those that do don’t exhaust their scholarship options. Most students have to acquire loans to pay for their education and this puts them into debt early in life.

2. Credit card debt.

Credit cards provide users with a convenient way to pay for goods and service without necessarily having the cash up front. If you feel like “I Need Money Today ASAP”, credit cards serve as the most readily available source of funds. Credit card companies offer amazing rewards and programs but the downside is that they came with high interest rates. Another thing with these cards is that they are very tempting and users are tempted to spend beyond their means. Students without a reliable source of income could, therefore, end up in a lot of debt for using their cards in the wrong way. Such debt impact one’s credit score negatively, making it difficult to acquire loans later in life.

3. Lack of budgeting.

Most students don’t budget for their funds and this usually results in a lot of financial frustrations later in the semester. It is for this reason that most students end up taking loans later in the school term; loans that they are not in a position to pay up in time and this puts them into further debt. Planning helps students stay within their means and this helps them avoid debt.

4. Using their student loans inappropriately.

College education is very expensive and most students take up loans to pay for tuition and other education costs. There are those, however, who choose to use their loans for activities that are not related to their education. You would see some uses their loans to acquire the latest designer clothes or to pay for hotel dinners. This is very bad and it has seen students take up bad loans so as to complete their education.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Prevent Medical Bill Nightmares With This Simple Guide

bills for medicine
Medical bills are something that most Americans dread. They can reach into the hundreds of thousands, and there is often no choice as to whether to get the treatment or not, as it's vital for life. With over 50% of medical fee debt being related to prescription medications. That is drugs that a doctor has confirmed you need for a medical condition. This creates a big problem for many of us, even if we are insured. As unless we and those that we love have perfect health throughout their entire lives, we will be vulnerable to this issue at some point. So, if medical bills are keeping you up at night, read on to find some ways to minimize or avoid getting into a nightmare situation altogether.

The problem with medical bills 

One of the biggest nightmares that folks can experience with medical bills in the US is that the negatively affect their credit rating. This is because medical collections companies can be particularly strict about logging missed or late payments. As the amounts are so high with, so many people not being able to get anywhere near paying them off, the incidence of missed payments can be frequent.

Of course, this then affects the ability of the person whose account it is to get credit for other things in life such as loans, cars, and homes. Eventually in some cases leading to bankruptcy and further financial hardship.


So what exactly can you do to avoid getting into this dire financial situation in the first place? Well, first of all, take out insurance. Yes, it's expensive, especially if you have a whole family to ensure, but when something does go wrong, as it is likely to, at least some of your medical bills will be covered. In fact, it usually works out that those that are insured are in debt to the tune of $10,000 less than those that aren't. Something that could definitely make the difference between being able to clear that debt and bankruptcy. 

If you are really struggling to pay personally for medical insurance, it may be useful to look for a job that includes this with the benefits package. In fact, some companies even offer coverage to their employee's families as well. Something that can make a big difference if the worst does ever happen.

Regular payments 

You can also help stay out of this nightmare medical bill situation by always paying the monthly amount on time. Yes, I know other things can get in the way, and may seem more pressing. Especially if you have already received the care and are fully recovered and feeling fine now.

However, as mentioned above nonpayment can get you into a whole heap of trouble, and damage your credit rating. So it's definitely worth setting up an automatic payment for just after you get paid each month. As then you can't even fall into this situation accidentally.

Disability applications

It may also be prudent to apply for social security disability if you continue to have medical issues that are stopping yours from working and causing you to struggle to pay your treatment bills. As the money that you get from this can help you stay on top of these bills, as well as your other financial issues like rent, groceries, and transport, even if you are unable to work.

To claim for social security disability, you must be over 18 years of age and have a serious condition that is expected to last over a year. You can apply online, although many folks become discouraged because they are worried they will be refused if they do make an application. Although to help you with this you can get some assistance from folks like the ones at LaPorte Law Firm, as they disability claim specialists. So they can help you file your claim, answer any question about the process, provide advice and give your application the best chance of it being accepted.

Medical tourism 

Something that is becoming more and more popular in recent years is US citizens going to other countries like Singapore, Brazil and Malaysia to get medical procedures done.

Known as medical tourism, this is something that many folks choose to do because it can be cheaper to travel abroad and get treatment. In particular, having a procedure like surgery abroad can cost significantly less than it would do in this country. That also includes the flights to and from your destination, and accommodation while you are there as well as the procedures, medications, and aftercare. 

Of course, there are some downsides to this too, in particular, the problem with communication that can become apparent when traveling to countries where English is not their first language. Something that can be pretty scary if your life is on the line.

However, the savings are so great for many that it makes this option something that cannot be ignored. As it becomes the only way to avoid the nightmare of medicals bill nightmares for the person involved. 

Get involved in the political issues 

Lastly, to help avoid the continuing issue of medical bill nightmares, it is important that you research the issue, and be proactive in using your voice to ask the government for change.

The real issue here is that while hospitals are allowed to set their own prices in a free market situation. So there will always be overcharging for essential medical treatments. This is problematic because it means that hospitals are profiting from people’s sickness. Something that doesn't happen in other countries in the world where their medical services are nationalized. 

Of course, the only way to change this is to make your voice heard and join in the appeal to Congress to change this system once and for all, for the better. To one where you don't have to face the choice between excruciating pain or death and bankruptcy. Where medical fees are standardized and affordable and not an additional burdensome nightmare that the sick have to shoulder along with their recovery.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Where To Invest Your Hard Earned Money

money earnings
Knowing where to invest your money is a tricky situation; there are hundreds of different markets that you can invest in, and they all come with their pros and cons. Some markets are safe and steady but take a while to get a good return, others are not not safe at all and are incredibly volatile, but you can make fast money off them if you’ve the keen edge for them, so where should you put your money? Read on to find out!


The gold trade has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Gold has always been a source of wealth for humanity; not only because of its aesthetics, it is made valuable because of its rarity and its technological use as a good conductor, used in almost every device we have today! If you want to make money off buying gold, you have to buy a lot of it and then sit on it for a while; the gold market is stable as the price is only going up due to its increased rarity and need, so if you wait a year or two you’ll find yourself having made money on your gold for doing absolutely nothing with it!

Foreign Exchange

Often shortened to forex for the sake of ease, the foreign exchange market is a volatile one indeed. Whilst there are clear currency value divides, the way you make money of forex is by taking advantage of value gaps that open up between currencies of a similar value. When you have a load of one currency, if another one starts to go up you can trade in your current currency for an amount of the rising one; hopefully resulting in you making money as the value of the swapped currency has rose high! However this can happen in reverse too, and you can make predictions that are completely wrong so this one requires a lot of attention so be prepared to put the time in for it!


Another safe market, but has a much higher immediate yield than gold and can be used to produce a sustainable income too. Buying properties and then renovating them adds a lot of value to them; the main limiting factor is how well the property was renovated! This leaves you with two options. If you’re after a fast cash injection then you’re going to want to sell it on, gaining back all the money that you spent on it and more. Or, if you want something more sustainable, you’re going to want to rent it out to get a consistent income for the rest of your life!

All of these options are great places to put your money, the only thing holding you back is how much effort you’re willing to put into the area that you’re going to be investing in! Sometimes, investing can leave you with debt to get your investment off the ground, and this can be hard to deal with, but if you read this then it won’t be so hard!