Thursday, November 16, 2017

Doomsayer Or Life Saver? The Value Of Considering The Worst Case Scenario

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Thinking about illness, disability, and even death isn't something that most of us enjoy, especially when it relates to ourselves and our nearest and dearest. In fact, if we become too preoccupied with this we can easily be accused of being morbid, pessimistic, or a doomsayer. However, there is value in running the worst case seniors through your mind, as it can help to ensure that you and your family are financially protected if the worst does happen. Read on for more information.


We all get sick from time to time, whether it's the flu or a horrid cold. However, some folks suffer from medical conditions that are a little more serious than that, ones that can be painful, problematic, and even life-threatening. Of course, being sick in such a serious way is often a strain on your finances as you have to pay for treatments to improve your condition or minimize its effect on your day to day life. 

To prepare for this is pretty vital that you have private medical insurance available both for you and for your entire family. Yes, this is often very expensive, but it is still cheaper than medical bills that can run into hundreds of thousands if the worst does occur.

Remember too that as the different hospitals are allowed to charge whatever they like for treatments, not having medical insurance can put you in the vulnerable position of not being able to pay the bills. Even if you have some savings tucked away for a rainy day. Something that you don't want when it comes to yours or a loved one's health. 


For some folks, an illness may lead to disability, and them not being able to earn a wage from work. For others, it may be a condition that they have been born with. Although, whatever the reasons being without an income can make life extremely difficult. 

To assist with this, the Government have put in place a service known as social security disability (SSD), designed to financially assist those that cannot work to support themselves. Unfortunately, the system is under so much stain at the moment that less than half of all applicants are granted official aid on their first request. Something that makes it vital that you also take out private insurance against disability as well. This process like any insurance purchase can be complicated, and you can check out this post on disability insurance coverage options for some help in choosing the right policy. Remember picking the right policy is vital as it could mean the difference between being able to provide for your family or struggling financially. 


Death, the only certainty in life, apart from taxes that is! It's not something we want to waste too much of our time thinking about. However, when we have debts and responsibility to our families to worry about members, it's vital that we risk being called doomsayers and ensure that we are covered financially for this eventuality.

The way to do this is of course by getting life insurance. Doing so can protect your assets and make sure that your family are able to continue to live in their home and be provided for, even if you're not there to be the main breadwinner. Something that makes life insurance a real lifesaver, even if you have to get a little morbid to consider it.

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