Sunday, August 27, 2017

Your Company Needs A Car, And Here’s Why

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Businesses have lots of expenses to contemplate. From tech to new machinery, the list is endless. But, one purchase which doesn’t get the same amount of time is a company car. To most firms, it is a luxury, and indulgence they can’t afford. So, you leave it to the big boys to swan around in their motors and show off. However, prestige and reputation are not the only reasons businesses have company cars. In truth, there are plenty of reasons to consider kitting out the organization with a car. These are the main ones. 

Employee Satisfaction

From a worker’s point of view, a company car is a great addition. Why? It’s because they get a free car essentially. Because the company can claim back the tax, they don’t have to pay for gas. And, they are not going to fork out tens of thousands for the initial purchase because that is madness. Then, there is the cheap insurance to consider, as well as a multi purpose vehicle they can use outside of work. Simply put, a car is an excellent incentive for employees who are high enough up in the firm. If you don’t have the budget to compete with your rivals, this is a fantastic option.

Tax Deduction

“Wait there a minute. Why would you buy a fleet of cars if you don’t have a big budget?” Good question because vehicles are not cheap, especially if there is more than one. However, when a business buys or rents a car, they don’t go through the same process. Because it is for commercial purposes, there are tax deductions which can save the firm money. For example, it is possible to claim the overall cost as a business expense. If a vehicle's price is $15,000, it is $15,000 off the bill at the end of the tax year.

Brand Awareness

Everyone has seen the cars which are full of logos and advertising materials. Gaudy they may be, but they are also effective. People see the cars on the roads and can’t help but notice the brand. Of course, awareness of the company increases as a result. If this is too ostentatious, there is the firm’s reputation within the industry to consider. When you go to a meeting, you can’t turn up in an old banger which chugs and sputters. Instead, a sleek and professional car, like a Range Rover, is necessary to reflect the business. The good new is that Cars & Co Range Rover dealers have the price covered. You just need to make sure you choose wisely for the sake of the company. 

Helping Around The Factory

It is rare to find a business which doesn’t make deliveries in 2017. You probably have a contract in place with a shipping company, but a company car is an alternative. With a vehicle, it is easy to make shipments and deliveries to fulfill customer orders. And, there is the added extra of rolling up in a new whip and impressing your base.

Ultimately, a company car can help everything from the firm’s finances to employee turnover. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer.

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