Monday, April 10, 2017

3 Unique Ways To Sell Your Home

home selling time
There was a time not so long ago when selling a house was simply a matter of finding the best real estate agent in your area, explaining what your priorities were and then letting them get on with their job. At the very most you may have baked some flapjacks ready for the open house day, added a few bunches of freshly cut flowers and removed any family pictures. But not anymore because these days it takes a lot more than that to attract a buyer to your home.

These days more and more sellers are taking this to new heights and using creativity, innovation, flair, and uniqueness to sell their homes, and they might be right. You see, markets are saturated with information and options, and that means you need to stand out from the crowd, you need to do all you can to encourage a purchase.

That is why we have come up with a list of unusual methods to help you sell your house, should the traditional approach be failing you.

Make Your Home A Raffle Prize

Yeah, this is becoming increasingly popular because it opens up the doors to much more than demographic it is intended for. Let’s say you live in a three bedroom house the outskirts of somewhere with good schools in the area. Traditional methods would mean selling this to young families that have jobs in the area. But selling it as a raffle prize would see a far wider range of potential buyers fall into the fold. Just about anyone could take a chance on your home. A house in exchange for a couple of bucks, why not? Just make sure your state allows home lotteries, which many don’t.

Swap It Like A Pokemon Card

Yeah, there are websites out there that help sellers connect with other sellers and come up with a deal where they essentially swap their homes, and it is legally binding. This could be perfect for you. Perhaps you are selling because you have got a job elsewhere, or you want to retire by the sea or move closer to the family. Perhaps you have just been looking at homes for sale in a certain area but not sure you can afford it. Well, in any one of these cases, why not try swapping your place on Pad4Pad or any one of the other sites that allow for this.

Make Yourself At Home

When you buy a house you can pretty much guarantee it is going to be the biggest expenditure of their life, and that means they will want to get the decision right. So why not let them sleep on the decision. Literally, sleep on it. Like sleep in your house. Let them move in for a long weekend so that they can get a feel for exactly what it is like to live there. Let them have a trial run, meet the neighbors, wander down to the shop, have a bath, sit out in the garden; everything that a homeowner would do.

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