Friday, December 9, 2016

How to Make your First Step into Entrepreneurship an Easier One

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Starting your own business is fraught with risk, which is why almost half of all new ventures fail to make past the first 12 months. The first steps are indeed the hardest, as you gradually become familiar with your new business arena, and with a little planning and forethought, things can certainly become a lot easier. Here are some useful tips to help you make the transition a successful one.

Outsource Essentials

This is the smart way to start a business, and by bringing in a third party to take care of your IT needs, you can focus on other important aspects. Virtual office services are available, and this can save a lot of money, especially if you have just started the business. A leading company is BPO Virtual Assistant, and they have qualified office staff available in the Philippines, which is a much cheaper alternative than directly hiring office staff at home. An Australian owned company, they have offices in the Philippines and can supply you with trained English speaking staff who can take care of all your administrative office tasks.

Reduce your Outgoings

This is essential, and with virtual office staff, your salary payments will be much lower than if you hired people in your home country. Outsourcing offers a new business a range of qualified staff, including the following:
  • IT services – Web development
  • Accounting – data entry
  • Receptionists
  • Sales and Marketing
  • SEO Related
  • HR positions
The Philippines

What is it that makes the Philippines a perfect location for your virtual assistant? For one, English fluency levels are every high, and with many qualified people who are genuinely looking for a permanent position, there is no shortage of experienced candidates in a range of industries. Although your staff will be remotely located, you have the benefit of an Australian company overseeing the day to day running of the office staff, and with a range of instant communication apps, you can talk to your workers as though they were in the same room.

Same Time Zone

Manilla is in the same time zone as Perth, which means your employees will work the same hours as you, and there is no delay due to time differences. Business process outsourcing works so much better when everyone is using the same clock, and with salaries so much lower in the Philippines, your outgoings will not be too high.

Degree Qualified Staff

All employees are university educated, and due to the employment situation locally, many people are looking for a stable, permanent position and have the necessary skills to be an asset to your business. Any work that can be done remotely is ideal for virtual office assistants, and with the office overseen by an Australian company, you can be sure that your staff have everything they need to complete their work.

Outsourcing can provide you with essential office employees at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally, and with degree qualified candidates who live in a country with a low cost of living, you have the best of both worlds.

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