Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Cost Of Moving. Get Your Finances In Check Early To Save Missing Out

moving costs
Buying a new house is never going to be cheap. There are many fees to consider when you start making your move. The money side of things doesn’t end at your mortgage! In fact, the mortgage is only the beginning of the money considerations you need to make. Getting a rough idea of how much moving is going to cost will save you any horrible surprises later down the line. You don’t want to miss out on that dream home because you didn’t finance properly! A little careful consideration early on will help you get an idea of budget.

There are plenty of new hope homes for sale, and a little searching will find you the right property in no time. Not having your finances in check at that point could lead to you missing out. Make sure you have your money situation under control before then by following this checklist.


If you haven’t sorted a mortgage, there’s no chance of going anywhere. Your mortgage is the first thing you should consider when looking into moving home. If you’re already a homeowner, take into account the mortgage you already have. Work out how much money you’ll be left with after paying off your first mortgage. That way, you’ll know how much you have to play with. If this is your first home, work out how large a mortgage you can afford. Having a substantial deposit saved can be a massive help at this point. You'll be able to look at much larger mortgages with that money behind you. The key at this stage is to be realistic. Don’t take out a huge mortgage that you’ll never be able to pay off. You’ll end up losing your dream home if you can’t keep up. It’s also worth factoring how much your bills and taxes are likely to be. Make sure you can afford everything comfortably!


This point applies to people who are selling a house. Estate agents don’t come cheap, and most will take a percentage of the final house sale. Don’t forget about the amount of money the agent is going to be taking from your final cut! It may be an extra expenditure you can do without, but selling your house through an agency is a must. Don’t make things harder than they have to be. Agents are great at keeping some of the stress from your shoulders.


This one is a little later down the line, but still worth considering from the off to help you work out budget. Costs for removal companies vary, but try and gather a rough estimate of how much it will cost you to move. It’s no good to spend your whole budget on securing a house if you have no way of getting your belongings into it. Many removal companies offer a budget calculator which can show you a rough estimate. Take the time to work out the cost, and you’re sure to thank yourself later on!

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