Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bartering- Expand your Small business by Spending very little Cash

Small business owners often find it difficult to expand beyond a certain point because of the lack of capital funding that is required for driving growth. Some small business owners fail to look at innovative ways to grow their business. They always wait till they get the required funding to get in to expansion mode.

Bartering system

Many small business owners (even the ones that are in the marketing business) have completely ignored the bartering system and the huge business benefits provided by it. There was time in 1998, when only 45% of the media business was purchased by making outright cash payments. The Remaining 55% of the media was bought through bartering system. By getting into bartering, small business owners can get goods and services from other small business owners at a fraction of the actual cost, as they would be exchanging their own products and services for the products and services bought.

Online channels for doing bartering

Now, if you were a small business owner, the next immediate question in your mind would be regarding the availability of a channel through which the bartering can be accomplished. It is best to either contact the company by mail or by phone and see if they are interested. It is a great tool if you are a marketing company selling branded gazebo stands . If you contact the company before a trade fair, you will definitely get what you want. It is essential that you look for sellers who are interested in buying your products at the right time.

Other requirements for engaging in bartering

In order to be successful in bartering, you need to dedicate sufficient amount of time and come with creative solutions that would help you to make handsome profits. You need to look at the idle resources that are lying unused, which could be in the form of

1. Hidden talent or expertise
2. Excess or unsold stock
3. Utilizing your secondary skills
4. Utilizing the skills of people working under you

By constantly looking at different avenues and finding out the availability of a latent or a hidden resource you could save a lot of money.

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