Sunday, January 1, 2012

Small Ways To Save When You Take A Pay Cut

A simple rule: you take a pay cut, you cut back. Of course you know the things you enjoyed in life before will have to slow down or come to a halt. But what most people don’t realize are all the little things that begin to add up in your bank account.

Cancel Memberships.

Most memberships you have are for your ‘luxury’ things like gyms, tanning and golf. Canceling memberships can save you big bucks each month. If you are the few that actually use the gym on a frequent basis consider using your local park or jogging trails to work out. Deciding what is a need and what is not needed in your life is strictly up to you.

Monthly Subscriptions.

Take a look at your magazine stack and decide which ones you want to cancel to save money. Keep in mind that the majority of magazines you subscribe to most likely have an interactive website. Be aware of which sites are free and which ones charge a fee to view the site.

Coffee and Food.

Coffee houses that you visit like Starbucks, charge a pretty penny for that delicious cup of caffeine. Visiting weekly can add up over time. For example: A coffee from Starbucks will run you about $4.00 minimum which is equivalent to $16.00 a month, that’s almost $200 a year!

Stop going to lunch and start packing. Spending money on groceries and limiting the amount of times you dine out will help. If you go to dinner keep in mind all the costs that go with it, gas to get there, possible valet, the meal, drinks and tip all add up. If you still need that fix of real food and bar vibe, hit up Happy Hours, they are your new friend.


Gas is a grueling expense that no one likes to pay. Look into public transportation or carpooling. Better for your bank account and for the environment. Kill two birds with one stone.

Review Your Bills.

Cell phone-work with your provider tell them you are looking to cut back, they will let you know what services are actually needed. Do your research on things you need and don’t need.

Cable, internet and home phone- Consider losing those movie channels and looking into something like $1 Red Box Rentals at your local store when you want to catch the new releases. Cancel long distance option on your phone; we have cell phones for that now. Downgrading your internet connection speed will also lower that bill.

Depending on your pay schedule and when bills are due, it may be easier on your wallet to change due dates on bills. Don’t be afraid to ask, you would be surprised how accommodating carriers can be when they know you are on a budget.

A pay cut isn’t the end of the world. It just means you need to step back and reevaluate the things you are spending in your day to day life. . Taking a closer look at your bills and your purchases will help save you money when it counts the most. Happy savings!

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