Saturday, January 28, 2012

Invest for future with retirement annuities

Annuities guarantee a flow of steady income for the retirees. To enjoy a hassle free life after retirement and to enjoy adequate financial supports opt for annuity plans today. Retirement annuity needs to be planned much before the age of your retirement. These annuity plans are tax free. Payment can be made quarterly, half yearly, on a monthly basis or you can pay at once a lump sum amount. If you have a retirement annuity plan you can highly stop worrying about the expenses after retirement. Annuities are always taken for a fixed period of time which directly affects the payment size.

Retirement annuities can be calculated with the help of annuity calculators. Retirement annuity also covers medical expenses. Though they are tax-deferred annuity, existences of hidden clauses are highly plausible. You may have to pay tax for the amount that you will receive after maturation of the annuity plan. There are two kinds of retirement annuity plan:Fixed retirement annuity - With fixed retirement annuity a fixed monthly income is ensured.
  • Variable retirement annuity – you can rise to unknown market heights with variable retirement annuity plan. As this plan is subjected to the market condition involvement of risk factor cannot be denied. Market condition at that point of the time will determine the interest you would receive.
Retirement annuity plan can be taken up by the people who are below the age of 70. Invest your certificate maturation amount or your tax refund amount to buy retirement annuities and make your life after retirement financially stable. Before investing browse through the different websites to compare the different annuity rates in the market and choose the annuity plan that suits your requirement. The payment that you are likely to receive varies from one insurance company to the other. Some retirement annuities even facilitate removal of fund according to your need without being penalized.

The author, Aalina Jones here provides smart suggestions on retirement annuity. This article will certainly help people gather plenty of information regarding annuities.


  1. If your pension represents most of your retirement resources, you need control and flexibility, and you’re ready to create your own payment plan, the lump sum option is probably right for you.

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  2. Sure using this information I can easily get Immediate cash for annuity payments in my retirement period.