Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The advanced concept of losing trades in Forex market

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Many traders think that they will only lose money when they are trading and losing trades. If use common sense, it is right because the only way traders can lose money is by placing a trade and not winning the trade. The market will take the money and you will lose the profit. However, it is not the only way when you are losing money. Sit tight in your chair because what we are going to tell you will blow your mind away. It is not something less than the ‘Interstellar’ and it will make you realize, how wrong you were all those times when you were thinking you are saving your investment by not trading.

No matter which trading system you follow losing trades are inevitable. The experts of the Singaporean trading community knows this fact very well and they always suggest the new investors trade with the money that they can afford to lose. At the initial stage of your career, you should never be looking for big winners. Your first priority should be the saving your investment. Try to learn the advance trade management technique so that you can make a profit even after losing trades.

Losing trades are nothing but an oppurtunity to learn new things about the Forex trading industry. Consider it as a blessing. Try to identify your weakness and strength since it will help you to make a better decision at complex market conditions. Learn to take steps like smart investors as it will help you to become a profitable trader.

You lose money even when you are not trading

Remember the common saying “time is money”? In Forex, this is true because even if you are not placing your trades, you are still losing money. If we get into deep of this concept, it will be easier for you to understand how not placing our trades can still cost us money.

Generally, the people have a belief that the more time we spent on something, we can become better and we have a successful future. This is why people want to keep their children at schools even if they cannot have a good house. They know it is costly but the longer they can keep their children at work, the more eligible they will be for the world. A child who has only passed grade four will not get the same job as a child who has passed the high school. That is why we keep them long in the school for a better future. In Forex, when you are spending time but doing nothing, this does not bring the same future.

Education and trading are two different things. If you are only sitting at your chair and not placing trades, the analysis that you are making and the Forex trading routine that you have made will be useless. Even if you place your trades in a demo account, you may still lose money but you will learn something from the trades. If you are spending your time but not doing or learning anything, not practicing your strategy, you are only wasting your time that is literally money. You could have spent the time in overtime work and gotten the some salary for the month.

As we have told you the idea was not easy, we believe you have got the sense what we wanted to tell you. Do not think your money is safe when you are not trading. Every time you are thinking about Forex, you are losing money if you are not doing anything useful. If you have invested your money, know that you cannot withdraw the full amount because the broker has many charges. This will help you to inspire you to develop and use your time well to make a profit. Even if you trade in a demo account, that will also be good for your career.

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