Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Four amazing rules to become a profitable trader

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Everyone wants to lead their dream life. But in the world economic crisis finding a decent has become extremely difficult. For this very reason, many people in Australia often consider trading as their prime source of income. But before you start making a significant amount of money from the Forex market, you must learn the three major forms of market analysis. Those who trade without having any clear knowledge about the retail trading industry are the ultimate losers of this industry. You will be surprised to know more than 90% of the traders are losing money. So why do people still want to trade the market? Since most of the professional brokerage firm like Saxo offers high leverage trading accounts to the retail traders, making a huge profit with a small investment has become extremely easy. Today we will share four amazing facts which will help you to become a profitable trader.

Learn fundamental analysis

Those who are relatively new to the trading industry only focus on the technical factors. But technical analysis will never help you to find the big market movements. Majority of the pro-Aussie traders uses fundamental data to find quality trades in favor of the long-term market trend. You might have very little experience but this doesn’t mean you will be trading without knowing fundamental analysis. Your trading strategy must include fundamental and technical data. When you develop your trading strategy, be sure to use the demo accounts. Never trade the market with real money unless you have backtested your trading system in the demo environment.

Use the Japanese candlestick pattern

If you can learn support and resistance level trading, it’s enough to lead your life. But how do you trade the key levels of the market with the extreme level of precision? To be honest there is no exact way. However, if you start using the price action confirmation signal, you will find things relatively easy. CFD trading in Australia has become easier since many expert Aussie traders offer price action trading course. This course is based on the different formations of the Japanese candlestick. Every candlestick bears information. As a forex trader you to understand the language of the candle. Things might seem a little bit hard at the initial stage but if you focus on the core factors, you will learn the details very easily.

Embrace the losing trades

This is the most important thing you need to learn as a trader. The new traders never embrace their losing trades. They are always trying hard to win trades. This market is nothing but a field of probability. No matter how hard you try, you will always have to face losing trades. So how do you make money even after losing 50% of the time? The idea is very simple. Always trade the market with 1:2+ risk-reward ratio. This simple principle will help you to become a profitable trader regardless of the conditions of the market. At times you might have to face a series of losing trades but this is absolutely normal. Stick to your trading strategy and wait for the next trades.

Never become a trade addict

Trading is just like addiction. If you fail to control your emotion you will find yourself behind your trading screen 24 hours a day. But the pro traders always trade the market in an organized way. They focus on different trading hours and based on the quality of trade setup they execute their trade. By over trading the market you can never earn huge amount of money. You have to find good trades and trade the market with discipline. Even if you can find one single trade, it’s enough to secure your whole month profit. Forget about your past trade result always stay concern about your next trade. Learn to manage your trade in a very efficient way so that few losing trades doesn’t cause emotional stress.

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