Saturday, June 23, 2018

How Fintechs are enabling a larger section of the working-class populace to get easy access to credit

access to credit
The access to credit has undergone significant transformation in recent times, thanks to the emergence of Fintech lenders in the market today. While traditional lenders such as private and state-run banks also offer online personal loans, it is Fintechs that are making their presence more palpable by offering a larger section of the populace with personal loans through their easy-to-meet eligibility parameters.

Qbera is leading Fintech lender that operates in several of India’s top cities including Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. Qbera offers instant personal loans to salaried individuals, subject to them meeting some basic credit eligibility parameters.

Let’s look at some points which substantiate how Fintechs are reaching a larger section of the working-class population and enabling them to get easy access to credit (mostly unsecured personal loans).

Easy eligibility parameters

Fintechs have a much more easy-to-meet eligibility framework in comparison to traditional lenders such as private banks. The eligibility parameters in the credit score and income segments are comparatively easier to meet for Fintechs as against popular private banks. For instance, Fintechs offer loans to individuals with net monthly salaries starting from Rs.20,000, and with credit scores as low as 575. Private Banks on the other hand require applicants to have a minimum income of at least Rs. 30,000 (popular banks require incomes of at least Rs. 40,000 per month to become eligible). As for the credit score, most traditional lenders necessitate individuals to have a minimum CIBIL score of 700.

Quick and paperless application processes

Fintechs have adopted a super-quick, and completely digital application process in recent times, and a prominent reason why they’ve become immensely popular in Tier-1 Indian cities is this. The application process can be initiated online, and completed online too. This includes the submissions of documents as well. Verification of documents is done digitally, thereby speeding up the process to a great extent, infusing greater interest among the working class population due to the quick application process.

By these very impressive ways, Fintechs have allowed a larger section of the populace to get access to instant personal loans.

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