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Doing trust management through binary options

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Trading binary options has long become one of the favorite occupations of thousands of traders — having the simplest mode of use, this tool really works and brings impressive profits. Despite this, many traders look for possibilities of passive earnings by means of trust management. In this article, we will explain what trust management is, and how reasonable and realistic using this service in binary options is.

What is capital trust management

Classical capital trust management is an investment tool that allows those who do not know how to trade to earn by investing in the professionals of the trading business. This service has long been practiced in the stock and currency markets, where it has originated. Capital trust management is, in fact, precisely the service that allows absolutely everyone to earn in the financial market. This service is an optimal tool for investors who do not know how to trade or do not want to dive into all the nuances of exchange trading, as well as traders who know how to earn professionally and need additional funds to increase the amount of their profits.

The working principles of the trust management are based on the following scheme:

1. The managing trader with professional skills in earning carries out trade using the investor’s funds and receives commission.

2. An investor wishing to earn without trading himself, transfers a certain amount of funds to the manager for a certain period of time; the latter uses them for trading or managing in the financial market.

The manager and the investor sign a legal contract according to which the transfer of funds and the payment of profit and compensation to the manager is carried out. The investment contract always includes the duties and rights of both parties, the amount of funds, the investment period of managing the investor’s funds, the amount of commission payment.

It is worth noting that in the classical trust management the amount of investor’s funds remains in his own account, to which the manager is granted temporary access. This means the investor can monitor and control the entire process of options trading and block the manager’s access to trade transactions at any time. Another traditional feature of direct trust management is that for the distribution of profits, the investor first needs to withdraw funds from his account and then transfer the percentage (the monetary compensation) to the manager through a payment system.

Where can I use the trust management service

Although a growing number of binary options traders are looking for this investment service, it is only available from stock brokers and investment companies. That is, the classical binary options brokers do not provide this service. This is because direct trust involves large amounts of investment (starting from several thousand dollars) not available to the majority of binary brokers’ clients, especially in companies that offer the most minimal trading conditions.

Why does trust management require large amount of investment? The high investment threshold is due to the fact that in order to be effective, professional trader should only manage a small number of accounts simultaneously; if the amount of funds is small, the percentage of the manage (that is, his earnings) will be scanty.

Thus, those who want to profit on binary options with small investments have only one option — learning how to trade on their own. Moreover, today you can learn binary options trading free of charge on the websites of broker companies that provide comprehensive training programs for novice traders. For example, Binomo broker provides traders with a stock exchange dictionary, interactive tutorial, video lessons, step-by-step instructions and a demo account on a real platform with virtual funds for training.

In addition, the broker’s platform features tools that allow you to apply various strategies of market forecasting: a set of built-in technical indicators and graphical tools, extended list of quotes with various functions. Also, the broker offers an option yield of up to 90% and a profit withdrawal within 24 hours. Thus, a trader can quickly learn to trade independently and earn using an advanced trading terminal.

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