Monday, December 11, 2017

The Most Overpriced Items That People Regularly Buy

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No one likes the feeling of being ripped off. But there are some things that people willingly part with their hard-earned cash for even if they are paying massively over the odds for them. Well, in this article, we are going to shine a light on some of these to encourage you to think twice before making these purchases. With many consumers feeling more cash-strapped than ever before, it is worth asking the question: can you live without these things?

Movie Theatre Popcorn

When the drinks and snacks at the movies cost more than the ticket, you know something is going wrong. Movie theatres will purchase their popcorn in bulk and then hit you with a markup that it often as much as 1275%! And the rip-off doesn’t stop there with soda and bags of candy costing way over the odds. When you think that you could buy a good meal for what you are paying in movie snacks, it may be worth reconsidering your choices.

Greetings Cards

So many events during the year encourage you to buy greetings cards, and just think how much you are spending on those overpriced pieces of paper! $3 is standard and you will be paying even more for branded greetings cards. When you think that you could make a card on your own for just a few cents, getting a little creative seems like the sensible choice every time!


Paying full-price for books seems a little crazy in this day and age, especially with so many second-hand retailers out there offering significant discounts. After all, if you can read the words on the page, there shouldn’t really be too much of a problem! Also, making the switch to reading books electronically can save you significant sums of money and you can even get many titles for free.

Bottled Water

In developed countries, water is one of the most abundant resources available for free from water fountains and taps pretty much anywhere you go. Nevertheless, many consumers are willing to work out a few dollars just to get their hands on it. A big percentage of bottled water comes from municipal taps and may not even undergo additional filtering. Hopefully, this fact alone encourages you to carry a refillable bottle around with you at all times.

Branded Clothing

The fashion industry is a clever one, dictating what is in style and then charging you a huge sum of money to get your hands on it. Next season, the style inevitably changes and you will have to fork out again. Simply waiting until the end of the season or using coupon sites like DontPayFull can save you a significant amount of cash. And avoiding the big brands can really pay, as the markup is often as much as 500 to 1000%.

So, hopefully, this article has encouraged you to think again before making any of these purchases. The little habits that you change all really add up in the long run, helping you to live a more financially secure life.

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