Sunday, December 3, 2017

Begin 2018 With An Investment Overhaul

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There is no better excuse for a reassessment of your investment portfolio than the emergence of a new year. While many friends and family might be making resolutions to shift the extra few pounds put on over the festive period, attend the gym a little more regularly or spend more time traveling the world, you are keen to get your finances in shape. The most common route down which to see your money grow into a worthwhile nest egg is to leave it in the safe and secure environment of the bank. This is the least lucrative yet least risky way of accruing money. However, you’re keen to explore your other options and want to see if there are any better ways to invest your hard earned cash so that it works for you more aggressively.


Bricks and mortar has been the go-to investment for people who are growing a little frustrated with their lack of return at the bank. If you have the funds for a deposit on another home, you should be able to purchase a second property to rent out. Get the calculator out and do some number crunching to ensure that any monthly rent that you achieve will cover your mortgage repayment. If you can find a humble abode that ticks along nicely without you spending too much money on it, you could have stumbled across a sound long-term investment. Over a decade or so, your property will be sure to have increased in value and given you a return much greater than merely having your money sat in your savings account at the bank.


Whereas stocks, shares and Forex were once the domain of professional investment bankers, hedge funds or those with millions of dollars burning a hole in their pocket, they are now much more accessible to the masses. Head to a site like, and you’ll discover a wealth of impartial reviews regarding trading platforms, stock tools and financial decisions.

You could choose to specialize in a certain aspect of trading such as the buying and selling of foreign currencies or you might wish to take a jaunt into the world of cryptocurrencies. This burgeoning market is in its infancy making the market highly volatile but the returns potentially astronomic. As with any ultra high-risk investment, only use the funds that you can afford to lose and never see yourself venturing into debt.


A little-known avenue down which to pump some of your savings is wine. The wine market is buoyant with investors buying up cases of vintage years of chardonnays, beaujolais and shiraz. Wines like those listed at get better with age, and like antiques, they become rarer and more sought after. Investing in wine has outperformed equities 98 percent of the time over a five year period making it a solid and relatively low-risk investment option as long as you’re not looking to make a quick buck.

Make 2018 your most financially prosperous year yet by heeding some of these investment tips and watching your nest egg grow.

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