Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Save Money In Unexpected Ways

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Living sensibly and learning where to save yourself some cash is a skill. It can take years to truly be able to manage your finances effectively. However, there are a few ways that you can start saving up some money in unexpected ways and it will add money to your pocket without too much extra effort on your part.

Make your own food and snacks

Although eating out all the time is great; it saves you the time cooking and it’s convenient; it is also a very expensive way to live. If you struggle in the kitchen, the best way to tackle this is to stay home and begin learning some basic techniques. If you can learn how to cook pasta and rice, you have a world of opportunities opened up to you and your family food wise. To save even more money on your food shop, opt for easy one-pot recipes which you can make a batch of and use throughout the week. It will save you time on busy work nights and save you washing up loads of dishes!

Use Supermarket Coupons

Whenever you visit a supermarket and spend a certain amount of money, you will likely get a voucher to use on your next shop. Ost of the time, you may end up ignoring the offer or losing it in your purse, but using the voucher you have will help to save you money- so use it! If you get a voucher for something like beans, you could plan your meals around them. Make up a big batch of chilli for your family using the beans and saving yourself a little money along the way.

Write Down What You Spend

If you struggle to keep tabs on what money you have, you may need to start writing it down. It will make you see what you are really spending your money on and may encourage you to refrain from buying that takeaway on Friday night. This is also a great way to track your expenses alongside your bank account so that you are able to identify any unknown transactions from your account.

Utilise Offers and Cashback

Did you know that if you took the time to switch your bank account you could get a welcoming bonus of over $100? Also, you can get 1% cashback when you buy a mortgage with particular lenders- you can find out more here. Shopping around for deals is nothing to be ashamed of, and you could save yourself a tonne of money by switching your bank, energy providers and mortgage lender.

Pay With Cash

Many of us don’t take cash out and about anymore, because it is much more convenient to pay for everything on your debit or credit card instead. The only problem with this is that spending money is so much easier when you can’t see what you spend. Next time you are out and about, take cash and you’ll see how much more reluctant you are to splash the cash.

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