Thursday, October 26, 2017

Handling the 3 big Spenders in Life

budgeting for big dreams
Unless you are thinking big business and making major investments for tens of thousands on a weekly basis, chances are that the main big spendings in your life are going to be the same as most other people’s. No one wants a to have a budget wedding in a rundown venue with dirty drapes and a shortage of food and drinks. Everyone would prefer to have that moment remembered in their heads as a very ceremonious and special moment. Another thing no one really wants to cheap out on is a house. Getting a mortgage is something most people are going to go through at one point in their lives and when spending a large sum of money, a relatively small sum does not make that much difference. Then there is the one that is purely dependant on your personal needs and wants. a car. Nearly anyone can go and buy a car without much issue, but a lot of those people would rather get either a nice, comfortable, spacious car for the whole family. Alternatively a sleek modern sports car which is sure to turn heads. No matter which of these you are thinking of investing in first, chances are you will want to be money-wise, not letting your hard earned money go to waste for no reason. Let us look at some of the ways in which you can cut costs and not make silly typical mistakes on the 3 spenders.

The House

If you are the average joe, with a decently paying job but nothing out of the ordinary which would have you flying to Vegas every other week, you probably would like a house which does is nothing to scoff at, but it’s no villa in the Hollywood hills. Probably something cosy, relatively spacious with a good connection to the city. Even then, it will probably cost you more than a pretty penny. Now there is no need to hurry with this, presumably you will not be buying more than 1 house for yourself so let’s make this one count. Before actually laying down the cash or taking out that loan from somewhere like this personal lending site or a bank, you should be researching the trends in property prices. Be this in the city or town you live in, or somewhere else which would be a great place for your dream home. Paying attention to the prices of properties fluctuating gives you a great opportunity to buy at a moment where everything is considerably cheaper. This just opens the door to a better start from the get-go, putting you in a better position than most buyers in your situation.

Before buying, check out the house thoroughly. Make sure to pay attention to everything, don't fall for the usual tricks of the estate agent where they “only have time during the day”. Make sure to thoroughly explore the house during the day, and the night. See if the sun really does rise in front of your bedroom window, see if the house isn't dark and gloomy but well lit and spacious during the day. At night, see if nothing suddenly looks considerably worse. Do the ceilings not feel strangely low? Does the paint used for the walls not look discoloured when it is dark? If so, it may lead to extra fees from your side, repainting everything usually not only takes time but also drills a hole in your pocket due to the sheer amount of paint needed to cover everything. Calculate the real cost of buying the house, all the fees that come with the house might as well just be added onto the price tag in the first place. Carefully look over the walls, for any cracks, deformations or weird “bumps” which are often caused by moisture and damp air in the house. Damp spots on walls, in corners and wherever else are usually a big concern as they tend to house mould. Removing mould in itself is a huge order and cannot really be done through regular home means, needing the involvement of a third party and paid professionals. And yes, it is most definitely worth getting rid of mould, not only does it look unsightly, it also poses a plethora of health risks to you, your partner and potential future children. If you want to read more about things to keep in mind when buying a house, look no further than this comprehensive guide.

The start of the beginning of your new life

As aforementioned, no one wants to have a shoddy two-bit wedding where you are too ashamed of the venue to even invite guests to it. Another thing no one wants is to put all their life savings into the wedding alone. There are some smart ways to cut costs on a wedding without necessarily needing to lower its overall quality. When booking a venue, make sure to look how much the prices differ out of season. Hiring a venue is almost always considerably cheaper outside of summer, booking in advance also helps to lower the price-tag quite a bit. If you want to go through with hiring a photographer for the occasion, then consider hiring them only for crucial moments of rather than the whole day. Think about what you need and don't need from the leftovers, if you have an overabundant amount of tablecloths which you will probably never use afterwards, sell them online. Got some questionable presents which you know have literally no use and will just clutter up the house? Get rid of those too. This not only frees up space in your new house, but allows you to make back a decent chunk of the money with not much effort. Once again there are many other ways of going about this, there are some more listed here if you want to keep investigating.

Family transport or car of your dreams?

Cars are a common enough commodity in the world that there is almost an overabundance of chances to save on them. If you know where to look that is. There are lots of choices when it comes to savings accounts for cars, or loans and just about anything you can think of. Websites like Money Saving Experts, Money Supermarket or Which?, are a great starting point for seeing how much money you’re going to have to work with, or how much you are willing to get a loan for. This allows you to start looking within a more specific price range rather than at the overwhelming amount of cars on the market. Go for a car that fits your needs, are you after a car that is good for city use? Does it have to be very fuel efficient or Eco-friendly? Cars with better fuel consumption obviously save you more money in the long run and also tend to last longer. Petrol cars are also usually cheaper than diesel ones, much like manual cars being cheaper than automatic ones. The running trend being able to buy for cheaper during specific times carries over from the housing and wedding scenario. Try to avoid weekends near the start of the month as they are usually packed to the brim with people who just got paid and want to finally make the jump. Sellers often take advantage of that and bump up the prices a bit knowing it’s easier to convince very excited people to buy rather than calm and composed ones.

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