Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cozy And Bespoke Affordable Home Options For Retirement

retirement options
Going out to a certain part of the world when you’re booking a holiday is the joy of what relaxation is all about. You simply want to shed away all your fears and the troubles that life routinely plants at your feet, and just run away. Whats gathering steam these days are the holiday homes, especially around coastal parts of the world. No more so than in Europe because Greece, Spain and Italy are the kings of the Mediterranean. As such this craze had gone wild and many more people want the chance to live in a luxury home. However even if you’re staying just for a short while, the prices are always going to be up in the higher echelon of the bracket. So what could possibly be the more affordable alternatives to a personal retirement home, that would be perhaps more permanent as well? When you’re retiring, there are in fact quite a few options that can feel as if they are hidden gems.

Coastal cottage

Many coastal communities were born out of the industrial revolution. This was the time where seaports were the main way by which trade could leave and enter the country. As such small, warm and cosy cottages were built as a result, for families that had fathers and husbands that worked down at the docks and ports. A great alternative to a holiday mansion would be a far more affordable but just as enjoyable. The key when you’re retiring is to actually spend money on other things, that are not involved with your home. Such as holidays and cruises, food and travelling. No one really wants to be stuck at home, no matter how welcoming and comfortable it is. This is why a cheap and cheerful cottage by the coast is a brilliant option.

Custom built

The only way for retirees to design a home totally to their liking for a truly bespoke living space, and still have it be affordable is to look into mobile homes. The ability to choose which rooms are going to go where, and completely decide the interior design of your home, even before you get it delivered, can be what many choosy people want. It's also a bungalow so as you get older and the joints start to wear out, rather than putting in an expensive stair lift, the toilets and bedrooms will never be too far out of reach. As the prices for a full home are in the tens of thousands, it's perhaps one of the most affordable options which won’t take a giant chunk out of your savings. On the inside, it's just like a regular home, with proper high-quality building standards adhered to giving the home a rock-steady feel.

Choosing a home that is affordable and still providing enough space to make life in retirement enjoyable, is often a decision so many people leave too late. Living in a big house where perhaps you raised children, can seem too large and hollow as you grow older. Suddenly these two options will start to look refreshing and cosy.

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