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The Smart Way To Protect Your Business Financially

insure your business to protect
One thing you want to do when you’ve got a business is keep it financially secure from anything that could attack it. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your business from such woes, and in this article is going to tell you exactly how.

Credit cards

Taking out a credit card for your business might be wise in protecting your business financially because it will give you the reassurance that if something goes wrong with a machine or item that you need to use in day to day service, then you will be able to replace it with ease and carry on with business as normal.

There are also many perks that come with owning a credit card like cash bonuses when you’ve spent a certain amount in one bulk. Depending on the bank that you take your credit card out with, you may even be able to gain perks for business like travelling costs.


Making sure that you and all of your staff are safe within the workplace is imperative to protecting your business financially. If you’re not following regulations and a member of staff injures themselves at work, they could go down the route of personal injury lawsuits which in turn, could result in you losing out on a lot of money.

Not only is it important to follow guidelines to protect you from being sued, but keeping you and your staff away from harm will ensure that you’re all being as productive as possible.


Much alike safety, ensuring that you and your staff have sufficient training to do your job is definitely needed. Did you know, that a member of staff could sue you for any injury they obtain from a machine that they’ve not been trained how to use? That is of course, if you insisted they use the machine.

To ensure that business doesn’t have to shut, a good idea might be to send a few members of staff off for training at one time, so that you can keep the business open and not lose out on any revenue.

Providing your staff with training such as first aid will not only be useful in any workplace, but it will give them extra skills 


No matter what size your business is, you should be considering getting insurance for your company. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that insurance is another unnecessary cost, but in the long run the small amounts you will pay each month may become worth the money.

For example, if the premises that you’re working from is burgled, you will want to be able to replace anything that went missing and get back to business as soon as possible to prevent any further loss of money. Being insured will allow you to do this. Not only that, yourself and staff members will be insured too in case there are any work injuries.

Getting taxes right

A word that pretty much everyone hates hearing: tax. Unfortunately, we are all liable to pay tax on our profits and earnings, so make sure that you’re correctly paying your taxes each month. If you’re confused on what you’re supposed to be paying, do some research on what your country expects you to pay and when. If you find their rules and regulations, save them to your computer so that you can look back on it if and when needed.

If you fail to pay taxes and are caught out, you could be landed with a major fine and also the reputation of your business will be tarnished. 

Fair employment terms

Ensuring that your employment terms for your staff are fair, and more importantly legal is something else that you need to think about. Before even considering hiring anyone to work for you, make sure you’re clued up on what the minimum wage is that you will need to be paying.

You will also need to think about working hours. What time of the day will you need to have staff attending to gain the largest profits? Remember though, that you will need to be fair with how many breaks you’re allowing your staff, especially if they are doing a particularly long shift.

Did you know, that in the US employers are not obligated to provide paid annual leave for their staff? 72% of private employers choose to give their staff paid leave each year. That’s not to say that members of staff aren’t allowed any leave, it’s just that it’s not paid. To make your job position more attractive, consider allowing paid annual leave for your staff.

A great rule to remember is that if you can keep your staff happy, then they will work harder; therefore generating more profit. A happier person works better than an unhappy person, so the fairer you are to your staff, the more you will gain from it.

Stick to a plan

If you haven’t already, it might be worth making a plan for your business. Within this plan will be goals that you set for yourself, and where you want to be in twelve months time. Here’s an example:

1. Beat 2016’s profit take by at least 5%.
2. Bring out a new product before Christmas of 2017.
3. Promote a member of staff to be a senior.
4. Improve quality of customer service.
5. Renew everyone’s training.
6. Try and be under budget when it comes to supplies.

Using a simple list of goals to reach before a certain deadline will keep you on track within your business. Try to make sure that all of your goals are financially orientated so that you can make sure that you’re protecting your business from financial losses. Writing up a list of goals for members of staff will also have the same effect.

Following these 7 smart ideas will be sure to protect you and your business from any financial woes. Remember to shop smart, and also sometimes spending money will benefit your business in the long run. Good luck with your business venture!

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