Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How Downsizing Your Home Could Lead You To A Better Life

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Nothing in life is certain, and sometimes you form the opinion that you have bitten off more than you can chew regards to your home. Once upon a time ago, you planned that your house would be the home you raised your kids, and perhaps planned on handing in down to them as an item they would inherit after your passing. But things change because life never stays the same. Since those sentimental thoughts you may have lost your job and keeping up with payments is simply impossible without going into serious financial debt. On the other hand, you might have had a divorce and now have shared custody of the children. The house you own could be too large for just two occupants and the payments required to keep it running outweigh the benefits it brings. Regardless of the reason, you’ll need to plan how you downsize, so you get the maximum out of your property.

A simpler life is better

While living in a house, you probably got accustomed to filling every empty space with artwork, ornaments, lamps, books and other items. Car boot sales and market stalls with quirky gifts might have been seen as a craving or addiction. But when you move into a smaller space, your nature of accumulating things you don’t need, but put a hole in your pocket, will subside for a trimmed down lifestyle. It’s very easy to come to a point where the stuff you own, actually ends up owning you. Modern apartments already come with designer decor, and some of the most widely acclaimed apartment theme styles like these, kill off the need for objects that only act as a filler or hassle. The features of home apartments are akin to any home on the market, with the option of multiple bedrooms and toilets, as well as spacious bath and showrooms. For relaxation, they offer you the chance to dip your toes in the pool or enjoy a barbecue out on the terrace balcony.

Make it child-friendly

Mapping out the logistics of your new home is going to keep you busy, but don’t forget the affect of moving will have on your children. Try and make moving sound like a superhero mission or an adventure only for the brave. Picking up your entire lives and moving will be stressful but kids are very resilient, more so than adults some say. The exciting prospect of meeting a new community and making new friends is something you should instill and encourage in your children to help them adapt and accept their new surroundings. The on-site playground and swimming pool will keep them busy, but nothing replaces their need to be involved with the other children. You could throw a party for guests when you arrive at your apartment and purposefully, plan a kid’s party with hats, candy, toys, and gifts for them to take home with. This would begin the makings of new friendships and help your kids in forming bonds with similarly aged children. 

Less work and more personal time

When you own a home, it’s downright physically strenuous labor to clean it. Many homeowners spend the entire weekend, just tidying up their garden or mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and pressure hosing their driveway. In an apartment, those chores are long gone. The fewer chores you have, the more time you have for yourself and the family. It’s better to spend time exploring the city, going to theme parks, having picnics at the park and taking the dog for a walk than washing windows, skirting boards and mopping the kitchen.

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