Wednesday, June 21, 2017

5 Steps to Avoid a DUI

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A DUI conviction can be an embarrassing and upsetting process and one that we are all well advised to avoid. Here are our top tips, on doing just that, avoiding a DUI arrest and staying safe on the roads. 

Always Eat When you Drink

Eating a large meal alongside alcohol is always a good idea to make sure that your body can absorb the alcohol that you are consuming. Obviously no one condones drinking and driving, but an average adult should be able to enjoy a couple of small drinks, spread out over an evening, when accompanied by food.

Drinking on an empty stomach tends to go straight to your head and this is because you have nothing in your stomach to be absorbing the alcohol. Even if you are just snacking whilst enjoying your drink you are making sure that there is something in your system to stop the alcohol from going straight to your head, and stop it from being more quickly absorbed into your blood.

Keep Car in Good Condition

This is a surprising one, however statistically you are more likely to get pulled over in a car that isn’t looking roadworthy. If you have a tail light out or an expired tag then of course it is expected that you will attract the attention of the police.

However even just paying minimal attention to your vehicle can make it look a little suspect to a police officer, increasing your likelihood of being pulled over, and then potentially breathalysed. Reducing the possibility of you getting pulled over, reduces the possibility of you getting breathalysed which will in turn reduce the chance that you will need to confirm if you need an attorney for your dui. So make sure you are looking after your car so that it doesn’t garner unwanted attention.

Respect Traffic Laws

Something that we should all be doing, all of the time, following the traffic laws, becomes increasingly important for those of us wanting to avoid a breathalyser test after a glass of wine with dinner. On those evenings you will want to follow these traffic laws even more closely than usual. Don’t forget to use your signal light when turning or changing lanes and always stick to the speed limit. 

Keep Paperwork in the Same Place

If you do get pulled over and spend five minutes fumbling around for your license and car registration and insurance then you are going to rouse suspicion and be more likely to participate in a sobriety test. So make sure all your documents are safely tucked away in the same place, all the time.

Stay Focused

More importantly than anything is to stay focused. A glass of wine or a beer after work can sometimes make you feel sleepy which could mean that your reactions and general energy levels are impaired. Therefore make sure that you have a quick coffee to wake you up before jumping into your car, or keep the windows open to freshen you up, or listen to some energising music.

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