Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Desperate Times & Desperate Measures

financial injury
There are certain points in life when your personal finances can take a hard hit. During these situations, it can be quite difficult to stay afloat and ensure that you have enough money to thrive. You might find that your income is drastically limited. Or, it’s possible that there is so much money flooding out of your account that you can’t afford to pay everything you owe. In these types of situations, you might think there is no hope of recovery.

However, there are always options if you want to get back on your feet and improve the situation. Here are some of worst case scenarios and the best ways to handle them.


You might find that you have suffered a job loss and an event like this can be a total shock to the systems. You will recover eventually, but it can take an average of six weeks for a person to find another job. That’s a long time to be unemployed, and your pay-packet might run out long before that point. As such, you will need to think about how to keep your finances healthy and in the green. There are a few options to consider here.

You may want to think about making money while you are looking for a job. This will help fill in the gap that your loss has left and make paying the bills a little easier. You should be looking at something similar to a side hustle like working online. For instance, you can make quite a lot of money by answering surveys.

On top of this, you should make sure you’re seeking out something like job seekers allowance. Remember, the government should help people who are actively looking for work.


A severe injury can put you out of a job or limit your career options. If the injury was an accident, you might want to consider claiming on damages. Someone is always liable, particularly if the injury occurred at work or on someone else’s property. You should look into the possibilities here because by contacting a local injury attorney, you can get the money you need to survive. You should think about speaking to an injury solicitor whenever you suffer an accident. You never know if it could develop and severely alter your quality of life. Unfortunately though, if you leave a claim too late you limit your chances of being successful.


Finally, you might find yourself dealing with unmanageable levels of debt. People fall into debt for a variety of reasons from paying off medical bills to living past their means. If you find yourself facing so much debt that the amount isn’t diminishing, you should consider seeking out specialist help. For instance, you can use a debt consolidation service. Consolidating your debt makes it easier to pay off and can even limit how much you actually owe.

Alternatively, you can consider using your assets to get rid of your debt. If you own your house, put it up for sale and downsize until you can get back on your feet.

These are some of the worst financial situations imaginable. However, if you take the right steps, you will get through them.

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