Monday, April 24, 2017

5 Clothing Hacks that Help You Save Even More

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The saving savvy trendsetter prides herself on finding a good bargain. She always spends under her budget while maintaining a unique style and look. You want to reach the same level of saving success. You already know the basics of thrift store shopping and sales hunting, so now you want to elevate your bargain quest to the next level.

The following shopping hacks will help you stock your wardrobe with classic, durable, and beautiful basic and statement pieces. 

1. Clearance Rack

Wait before shopping the clearance aisle: you save even more when you wait until the second round of clearance markdowns. Also try waiting for a Buy One Get One Free sale, because it often increases clearance savings by more than half. 

Avoid buying last year’s major trend, unless you already frequently wear that style of clothing. Otherwise avoid any trendy items because they usually fade and lose their appeal in a few years. Instead, stock up on the timeless basics like jeans, shirts, tank tops, and cardigans.

Clearance items often vary by store. Therefore, remember to check the online clearance section of your favorite stores and their physical counterparts.

2. Daily Deal Sites

Groupon is just one of the many daily deal sites that retailers and brands use to quickly sell some of their items. These sites offer everything from dresses to bras. Fitness wear and accessories are one of the most popular clothing items on these sites. 

Subscribe to receive daily emails. Read them at least once a day. Also visit the website at least once a day to check out the complete list of items offered in the clothing and accessories sections.

3. Shop Out of Season

Shop for your winter wardrobe in spring, and your summer one in fall. The previous season’s leftover stock gets a huge markdown right at the start of a new season. The discount becomes even greater if the new season starts right around a holiday.

Plan at least two out of season shopping trips every season. Visit a store a week or two after a new season begins, and a few weeks before it ends. A shopping trip at the beginning of a season allows you to get the best of the leftover stock. Shopping at the end of a season lets you get even better deals off the remaining stock, and you also find some of the newly clearanced items from the current season.

4. Grab the Lookbook

Do a little research to find out if your favorite stores distribute a lookbook about their current collection. Many major retailers make these booklets but vary on which customers get them. Some retailers give them to anyone who signs up for the mailing or emailing list, but others only give them to customers who previously purchased from their store. 

These lookbooks are valuable because they provide deals and coupons. These deals may include things like a free item with purchase or a coupon that lets you take off $50 for every $100 that you spend.

Sometimes even if you cannot get these lookbooks, sites such as Groupon, provide the same coupon codes that you find in these booklets.

In general, always check Groupon coupon section before shopping at your favorite clothing retailers, especially more expensive ones like Harry and David

Additional Tips

● Shop quality not quantity 
● A well-made item is an investment
● Wash your clothes less to preserve and increase longevity
● Avoid polyester, instead go for natural fibers and blends.

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