Friday, March 10, 2017

Stock Marketing Tips Every Beginners Should Know

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If you are a newbie in the stock market, here are seven tips that will make such investment profitable.

1. Invest the surplus

There are no guaranteed returns when you invest in the equity markets. There is always the possibility that your entire investment is lost. Therefore, it is advisable you do not invest money that is required for your financial stability.

2. Place limit orders

At the time of placing the order, you may choose market or limit option. A market order is immediately executed at the current rate. On the other hand, a limit order allows you to set the price to acquire or sell the stock. This allows you to remain in control of your investment.

3. Plan for the longer term

A common mistake made by investors is trying to find stellar stocks that provide high returns in a short period. Finding such stocks is almost impossible; it is recommended you choose companies that will deliver good returns in the longer term.

4. Analyze relevant news

The world is a global place and even a small bit of news can affect the stock market and indices today. In most cases, the daily news does not drastically affect the long-term performance of companies. Therefore, it is important you analyze only relevant news and make informed decisions based on these.

5. Spread out your investment

It is prudent to spread out your investment over a period of time. This will safeguard your investment against significant price decrease due to some instances, such as not-as-expected earnings report. Furthermore, you must accumulate several stocks by using your investible surplus to create a diversified portfolio.

6. Make modifications as needed

Regularly monitoring and reviewing your portfolio is prudent. It is recommended that you modify your holdings if one stock comprises more than one-third the value of your total investment portfolio. This means you must sell such stocks that have a higher value and purchase other shares that still have potential to grow.

7. Book your profits

Investing in the stock market may make you wealthy only when you book profits. It is very common that you may want to continue holding to a stock because of the price increase. However, you must remember that no stock can grow for an indefinite period. You must keep a price target and once this is reached, you must book the profits.

Stock market investing is easier than you may consider. You may use the aforementioned tips to take control of your finances and build wealth over a period of time.

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