Friday, March 3, 2017

Save on your monthly household bills

household budgeting
Most families want to save some money on their household bills and are constantly looking for opportunities to do just that. It is really important that you give your household expenditure a review now and again to make sure that you are getting the best deals on the various monthly direct debits that families typically have to spend. There are various ways to do this and this short article will help you to get started saving on your monthly household bills. Hopefully there might be enough saved for an extra monthly treat for the whole family!

Reviewing your monthly expenditure

The first stage in saving money on your household bills is to look at exactly what you are spending every month. It may be that you easily identify some direct debits that you have forgotten about and that you no longer need. Make sure that you get on and cancel these which will be a great start.

It's time to identify contracts that you are paying for that you may well be paying too much for. For example, you may have been with the same energy supplier for several years. Energy prices are changing all the time. A great way to assess whether you are paying much is to get hold of a copy of your latest bill and use a comparison website to check if you are paying too much and if you are able to change to a better deal.

Repeat the process for all your direct debits

Once you have done it for your energy bills you need to repeat the process for all your bills where you may be paying too much. Typically, you need to think about reviewing your television, phone and broadband deals, as well as gym memberships, car and house insurance, travel insurance as well as your mobile phone usage. Mobile phone contracts are a particular monthly payment that people find themselves paying too much for.

Mobile Phone Contracts

Mobile phone contracts are essential for most people in 2017. However, many of us are paying far too much for our phones. Phone contracts are also usually two years these days, which is a significant amount of time to be tied into a contract. When disaster strikes and you break your phone paying for a long contract can be especially painful. Therefore, it is really important that you spend some time looking at what you are paying. When you multiply your monthly payment by the number of months of the contract, it can be quite a shock!

A great way of assessing your mobile phone usage is by using a specific website that looks at your mobile phone usage. This helps to assess your usage and tell you specifically the numbers of texts and minutes that you are using every month. This can help you to choose an appropriate phone contract. A quick internet search will help you find a suitable website that will help you to do this.

A great way to find a suitable mobile phone deal is to think about having a sim only deal. This means that there will not be the cost of the phone to pay for in the contract. Therefore, a sim only deal can save you a lot of money over two years. That is of course if you are happy with the mobile phone that you currently have.

There are now several mobile phone companies and not just the large ones. Many of the supermarkets have great sim only deals and the advantage of choosing these is that they are often cheaper than a contract with the bigger phone suppliers, but still use their networks.

Saving money every month

Hopefully, by following some of the advice above, you will find several ways to save some money on your monthly bills. This does require some patience to do, but can be very worthwhile. Perhaps think about setting aside a day to go through all your direct debits and try and find better alternatives. Or, you could choose to do one or two a week if you don't have time to put a day aside.

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