Saturday, February 25, 2017

Investments You Should Never Overlook

various investments
Whenever you hear the word invest, most people immediately start thinking about stocks, shares and Wall Street. They think about the impossible to read graphs that change on screens, and those figures with decimal points , flashing above manic trading floors, figures that jump up and then down and the back up again. But stocks, shares and even currency are just some of the ways you can invest.

There are multiple other ways in which you can invest your hard earned money, ways you never knew existed, and investments avenues that you never considered to be investments. What’s more, they are all far less complicated and far less risky than stocks, shares and currency.

Invest In Your Debt

Investing in debt is the best investment you can ever make. Period. It may not feel like you are actually investing anything, but when you consider how much you will save in interest and repayments, you’ll reconsider your prior stance. So if you have a mortgage, or credit cards or even a student loan, take that money you were going to invest elsewhere and invest it here. Let’s say your credit card is charging you 10% interest, well by paying that off you are effectively making an investment that yields a 10% return. That is a fantastic return, that is more than most investors hope to make. What’s more, you won’t get taxed on it, and there are no risks attached to it. It is an investment that comes with a guarantee, and that is rare.

Invest In Healthcare

So many people don’t realise that it is possible to invest in the healthcare sector, but it is, and it can be financially rewarding too. Of course, there are a lot of variations to take into consideration, but there are also a lot of trends that can make this investment safe. For example, there is the aging population of baby-boomers, and the fact medicinal advancements have seen people with chronic diseases live for longer. Then there are the high rates of medical loans and the fact that the industry is seeing huge technological advances, as well as the sudden focus on more personalized medicine. It may take some researching, but healthcare is a huge priority for almost every government and every facet of society, and that makes it a good investment option.

Invest In Property

Bricks and mortar have been a very desirable investment for years and that is because it is an investment that is tangible, an investment that serves a purpose and an investment that will always command a demand. If you buy and the market drops, then you either live in your home or you rent it out. If you buy a property and the market booms, well, your investment is going to skyrocket. But don’t think that investing in property is all about buy a house, or increasing your portfolio because it isn’t. Investing in property could just as easily mean renovating your home, or adding to it as a means to increase its value. As such, property remains one of the safest investments out there, and one that will always be encouraged by us.

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