Monday, January 2, 2017

Rental Troubles: How To Take The Stress Out Of Being A Landlord

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A lot of people have realized that property is one of the most reliable and profitable investments out there. With the market in its current state, there's a severe lack of rental properties which means that there are always tenants looking to rent. What a lot of people tend to neglect, however, is just how much work being a landlord entails. Far too often, the standard image of a landlord is one of sitting back and watching the rent money pour in, never having to lift a finger. Now, any landlord will tell you straight away that that's a complete fantasy. But does being a landlord have to come with quite so much stress? Well, fear not! Because here are just a few ways that you can make your life as a landlord just that little bit easier.

Be selective with your properties

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of landlords end up making is that they assume that a cheaper property will make a better investment. On the surface, this makes sense, after all; you're saving money on your initial investments. But what far too many people fail to realize is how much this cheaper property might end up costing them down the line. You need to ask yourself, "why is this property so cheap?" There's a chance that it's because of the condition that it's in. If you buy a property that's in poor condition, then you're far more likely to end up having to pay a lot of money towards the maintenance, which will also eat into your time. Make sure that you're as selective as possible with your properties and don't just jump at the chance because something seems like a bargain.

Get some outside support

One of the things that can end up being the biggest sources of stress for a landlord is trying to sort everything yourself. From the finances and contracts to the maintenance and dealing with the tenants. Handling all of that on your own can be a seriously daunting task. That's why it's a good idea to get the support of local property managers who will help you deal with a lot of the aspects of your property. This becomes especially useful and important when you come to rent out more than a single property. Dealing with one house by yourself might be manageable but dealing with any more than that is definitely the sort of task that requires some help.

Screen your tenants

Tenants can make all the difference to a landlords stress levels. The right tenants can be a dream, doing their own thing and taking care of the house, as well as paying the rent like clockwork. But if you find yourself with the wrong tenants then that can be a waking nightmare. The last thing you want is to spend your life chasing rent from tenants who don't even look after your property. Make sure that you carefully screen your tenants and always contact any previous landlords for a reference.

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