Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Don't Fall Into These Small Business Finance Traps

business finance traps
There are many financial mistakes you can make which could potentially hurt your business. Taking the first step into business and making it a success is hard enough, but now you’ve got a multitude of things to worry about and fret over. With all of this, it can sometimes be easy to forget about certain things and fall into financial traps which can hurt varying parts of your business. You can see some outlined below.


Well of course you pay your tax, but are you paying too much? Many small businesses don’t have the time to look too much into their tax so they just pay what they logically owe and move on. However, depending on your business type you could be eligible for tax breaks, grants and varying government schemes that can end up leaving you with more money. Your best bet is to have a consultation with a tax planner who knows all the ins and outs of the trade and can help you get what you owe. Their fee can be worth it when you earn way more in tax breaks. But, if you don’t want a tax planner there’s no harm in looking into it yourself. It’ll take more time but it’ll be worth it if you end up saving money.


Have you ever been somewhere that says “cash only”? Or somewhere that doesn’t offer contactless pay? It can be quite frustrating, especially if you had planned to pay in a certain way. Well, you don’t want to alienate customers, because by only offering certain types of payment you can limit potential sales. Using a specific card reader can help, if they’re fast and reliable the customer is going to leave happy and not get held up. Customer service is paramount and can keep the customer coming back for more. The option of Apple and Android pay can also be a huge plus, it’s somewhat of a novelty, but allows for speedy service. It will also increase productivity, allowing you and your employees to get more done throughout the day. If you are considering buying a business then you definitely don't want to overpay. Make sure to use business valuation methods to analyze how well the business is doing and what is is truly worth.

Overpaying On Equipment

Some businesses pay far too much when ordering equipment. This is certainly the case with I.T equipment. If you’re ordering servers make sure you have the space for them and that you aren’t ordering too much. In this day and age you may not even need a server, opt for cloud based computing instead which is safer and far more flexible. The same for computers, yes, you may get a great business deal, but there’s no point in buying more than you actually need because it’ll end up setting you back. Watch the software bundles too, sometimes providers will throw extra things at an extra charge that you just don’t need. If you’re uncertain you can use a business analyst to check exactly what a business of your kind needs. Remember, as a business owner buying large quantities of stock you hold the cards and you have a significant amount of bargaining power. Use it.

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