Saturday, October 29, 2016

Formulating A Financial Plan For Your New Home

finance formulating
You’ve found your ideal new house. A lovely, peaceful neighbourhood that is a good commute to both your jobs and lots of well recommended schools for your children. It is also close to the big city for fun filled family activities and that extra buzz. Now you need the ideal financial plan to acquire this unearthed beauty. Here’s where we can help.

You realise the purchase of a new house is an expensive business. That’s a good start. So you have some savings. Do you have enough for the house deposit and the mortgage? How is your credit report looking? Look into your finances closely. Hire a hardworking, reputable advisor or pick out someone from the family who has considerable experience in this field and consult them. Ask them about anything. That’s what they’re for. They should also be at hand to help you with your mortgage and recommend to you an Independent Financial Advisor. They have more experience in it than you so use them. Pick their brains for any information. With your IFA, you can talk solely about the mortgage and find out how much they are willing to provide you.

Everything is above board. Your credit score is good and your mortgage accepted. Well done. You are firmly on the road to success. The house is in your sights, the one that you picked out from places like Pelican Bay Naples. What’s the next step then? Well first you must find the estate agent that the house has hired and speak with them about a potential purchase. They’ll be more than willing to talk to you and arrange a meet with you and the owners. There is no financial outlay for this. They’ll also let you view the house again and let you look at every available nook and cranny.

An extremely important element of purchasing a home is the outcome of the surveys that are carried on the house. These are carried out by not only a surveyor who checks the house meticulously for any problems that could be detrimental to you and your family but also a solicitor who goes over the legal side of things and sees that everything is above board. There is some money that has to be spent on this and it ranges massively but you might want to pay more for that extra touch and professionalism. Remember this is where you and your family are going to live for the foreseeable future so you can’t take any chances on any cheap and cheerful deals.

If all surveys are clear, then you’re almost there. All you have to do is agree a fee with the sellers. Try get it at your best possible price. Most sellers will be more than happy to part with a lower fee if it gets the house off their hands. Once all contracts are completed, the house is yours so grab the keys and start to build a happy home with your loved ones.

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