Monday, September 26, 2016

A Nice Little Earner: Ways To Make Money You Haven't Thought Of Yet

options to make money
When we are struggling for money, we tend to start racking our brains for the best places to get our finances rejuvenated. But there are ways beyond the normal methods of selling your items or spending your weekends working a part time job for minimal pay. Have a look at any of these and see if you can use them to your financial advantage.

Doing Online Surveys

If you are looking to earn some money quickly but you haven’t got the time to go out and go through long applications for a part time job, there are many ways to earn money for doing work from home. Doing surveys online may sound like the idea of tedium for some, but if you enjoy filling out forms and giving answers on a scale of one to ten, then this is the one for you. Online survey companies pay only a small amount for each survey completed, but when so many are completed over the course of a day, they all add up.

Transcription Services

Another one where you can work from home, and it is very well paid. Transcription companies need people to type, verbatim, recorded hearings and meetings. With this, you need to make sure you have a very good set of headphones as you will need to hear every syllable of what is being said. You also need a typing speed of approximately 60 words per minute in order for it to be worth your while, otherwise the amount of time to type up one hearing may be quite a while.

Medical Negligence

It’s never the most upbeat of topics, but there may have been an issue in the past where this has occurred. If it really gave you hardship, you could be entitled to medical negligence compensation. It varies from things such as operation related issues, to being issued the wrong medication. Of course, it may be traumatic to go back through something that caused grief for either you or your family, especially if it is related to death. So if you are thinking about going down this route, then discuss it with your loved ones before doing anything else.

PPI Claims

PPI, or Payment Protection Insurance claims have been widely discussed in recent years. A lot of people were not aware that they had this specific type of insurance on their bank or building society account. As a result, they were entitled to a rebate of the cost of the insurance, plus interest. There have been instances of people having PPI on their personal account or business account going as far back as the 1950’s! So, a rebate of the minimal monthly payment for the PPI stretching over a long time can really add up. Look at your bank statements, or contact a company that specialises in PPI claims to see if you have been paying for something you didn’t know you had. As a lot of the banks are putting aside billions of pounds for this problem, it is best to look now while you have the chance.

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