Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Checklist to buy new houses to ensure better returns

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Previously, humans just survived by merely exchanging goods and services. Concept of money opened new doors to trade and exchange. Things were priced in a better way, the future payments could be secured, there was no question of perishability and so on and so forth. With invention of money, people started spending. Over a period of time, people came to know that they must save something for future or to buy some money demanding product or services. Concept of saving came into the picture. People started saving their money at their homes at a secure and secret place. Banks came in and lockers came into the picture. Lockers and accounts kept the money safe and gave interest. There also developed a parallel way of investing money as shares of a company or in metal. This gave rise to investments and people started investing and saving instead of just saving. Investment can be considered as a saving with better returns. One of the best and most rewarding investments today can be the real estate sector. This sector has seen a rampant rise in the past few years and is at a growing pace. But while investing in any of the upcoming projects in India, one should thoroughly check these conditions: -

1. Proper documentation: - one must verify and check the documents before investing in any of the upcoming projects in India. There may be cases of scam and fraudulent behavior if one is not alert and does not verify and check the documents. Documents of the house and documents of the society should be verified to avoid any future shocks and problems.

2. The city in which the invested house is: - one must see the future prospects of a city and invest wisely. A city like Ahmedabad has golden prospects as it is one of the fastest developing cities and the growth rate is very high. There are many latest new projects in Ahmedabad which will prove value for money and give great returns in the future. Ahmedabad has seen great development and there is still scope for it to be one of the greatest cities of the world. Investing in the latest new projects in Ahmedabad will ensure that the future is bright and there is shortage of returns.

3. No of rooms: - the number of rooms or the BHK s of the house is surely a thing to bank upon. The greater the number of rooms, the greater returns. Besides, one can also think about their future and invest in a larger house as one might have children or the children may be of marriage age which will demand larger space. If these houses are given on rent, they would fetch a better income and fill the pockets at a faster rate.

4. Purpose of purchase: - one must decide as to why he or she is buying the house. If it is for primary residence, the luxury factor, number of rooms and facilities must be considered. If it’s a weekend house, one must focus on the location and the lavishness of the house. The latest new projects in Ahmedabad are focused on luxury factor and have a lavish touch.

Thus, the above is the checklist one must follow and keep up with when buying a new house. The various upcoming projects in India are designed and built to fulfill every need and fit every pocket! So ensure that the investment is in the best place and get the highest of returns!

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