Saturday, August 2, 2014


sucking debts
Every New Year we start with traditional resolutions that usually include reducing your weight and reducing your expenses. Actually, following the first you might succeed in the second. If you cut on using fast food products, it will definitely result on your pocket. So there are two benefits: you save some cash and your waist miniaturizes a few inches. As surveys and investigations show, an average family spends nearly 15% of their budgets on food a year. Stick to the right budget and keep your savings under control and you finally will be surprised at the sum of money you can save if you turn down fast food diet.

Plan your meals in advance

Some people eat their way right into debt. But you are less likely to repeat such a scenario, if you follow some of these tips.

  • Start organizing your meals beforehand, so you’ll save money not buying costly semi-products.
  • Planning will help you at the grocery by buying in the lump and shopping for sales.
  • You will also reduce waste, if you use the same ingredients in your meals regularly.
  • Make up a grocery list and you won’t buy the products you don’t need when you go shopping to the nearest supermarket.
  • Use a recipe database, which let you filter recipes based on the products you have in your fridge.   So you use what you’ve got instead of going out to buy some more ingredients. Use low-priced apps for meal-planning. It will avert you from going to a restaurant on your way home if you don’t already know what’s for dinner.
  • At some point you should learn to cook for yourself. And probably this moment has come. Fast food abuse

Cheap and easy food is very tempting for majority of young people, especially students, because they fall into this trap living on a student budget and unwilling to cook. So students suggest they save their time and money. But they forget how much calories they are getting at once and much big their physical training must be.

Even if you have the cheapest fast food at least twice a week, it will cost you $500 a year. If people could invest all the money they spend on fast food, it would be a significant sum afterwards only after a year of self-restraint. Anyway it is not so easy to control your cravings every time. We need to indulge ourselves from time to time. But if you managed to get into a debt trap in spite of all your attempts, here you will find financial assistance with payday loans at North & Loans.

Save on booze

Clean lifestile becomes increasingly attractive. All of us know enough about drinking less and living healthily. Luckily, these days more and more young people are dropping their bad habits and wasting less money on smoking cigarettes. But still going out for drinks is very common and it is heavy expenses on their money box. Simple calculations prove that using drinks regularly gets expensive. If you go out twice a week to the cheapest student club nights, you spend approximately $20-25 a night on alcohol. That make about $40-50 a week or $2,500 a year! So, if you slow down, you could put by over a thousand dollars in a savings account instead!

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