Monday, August 13, 2012

Tax debt relief - How to choose the right tax attorney?

Getting tax debt relief can oftentimes be a harrowing experience unless you are prepared and have the perseverance to negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The fastest and one of the better ways to get rid of your back taxes and get tax debt help is to hire the services of a tax attorney. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds.
Failure to choose the right tax attorney can make matters worse for you. Professional assistance can by all means give you the best possible tax debt settlement that will suit your purpose. Pay heed to the following points if you want to zero-in on the right tax attorney to get tax debt relief. These points are mentioned below.
Identify your need
Prior to hiring a tax professional, identify your need. Why do you need a lawyer? You may want to seek assistance from the attorney for a number of reasons that might include settling your real estate tax issues, employment tax issues, business taxes, and above all IRS tax debts that you owe. So, you need to choose a professional that has the required expertise in the field.
How qualified should the tax attorney be?
Juris Doctor Degree is the basic qualification. Aside from that he should have been rewarded the LLM or Masters of Laws in taxation. Also your attorney should be a member of the local state bar and should have a valid license to practice in the state.
When you are trying to get tax debt relief and you want an attorney to represent you, hiring the services of one is a smart and wise move and perhaps the first step to get appropriate tax debt help. The tax attorney can guide you and suggest the right tax debt settlement option that will work in your case.
What are the other requisites?
Perhaps it will not be very difficult to come across a tax lawyer. But if you want to hire the services of an expert who has specialized in this field, you can face some difficulty. But do not be disappointed as you still can hit upon the right tax attorney. Let us see how. Just pay heed to the following aspects.
  • Ask your friends, relatives, and peers for recommendation
  • Is he a member of the state bar?
  • Does he possess LL.M?
  • Get the rate chart right and ask if you need any clarifications pertaining to the fees and charges
  • Does he have a specialization in the area for which you want to hire him?
  • If yes, how long has he been in this field and how many cases have he handled before and most importantly, what was the success rate?
  • If it is a firm you are hiring, get the terms and conditions before you sign up. It does not make sense in retreating on your words once you have signed up already. Find out what you can expect, how they will go about the tax debt relief process and what will be your role as well as the role of the tax attorney in the entire process.
The author Neil Smith is an expert writer on IRS tax debt settlement. He writes many articles on how to resolve your tax debt problems.

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