Tuesday, May 1, 2012

7 tips to save on using coupons

There are several tips that a person can use in order to have the most money on their groceries by using coupons.

1. Organize your coupons

The first tip is to organize all of your coupons. This means that a person is going to need to have a system set up before they even start clipping coupons. This is going to make all of the coupons easy to find when you are looking for a certain one. The most important thing for a person to remember is that not every system is going to work for you so try not to get discouraged. If the first one that you use does not work the way you wanted it to, a second one may work much better!

2. Don't just buy brand names

The second tip on saving money with coupons is to try not to just buy the brand names on groceries. Most of the time, the store brands are going to be just as good as the store brand food items. But if the name brand is on sale for a lower price then the store brand, then of course buy that one especially if you have a coupon for it. This means that it is always a good idea to look for grocery stores that will double or triple the amount that is on the coupon. This will allow you to get the most out of the coupon.

3. Make a collection out of coupons

The third tip is to make a collection out of all of your coupons. This is so that if there is a sale on certain products going on, you will have the coupons that are going to save you even more money. A person can also request some coupons from the manufacturers if they use a certain product a lot.

4. Make a clear plan when going to the grocery store!

The fourth tip is to have a clear plan when you are going to the grocery store. This is so that you can figure out all of the coupons that you have and what is on sale. Therefore, you will be able to match the coupons up with the sales at the store. This method will allow a person to save more money than they could ever even imagined saving. Plus a person is going to be able to see whether or not they need to stock up on other coupons for the grocery trip.

5. Make a list after you make a plan...

The fifth tip is to go in the grocery store with a list of all of the groceries that you need. Therefore, you will be a lot less likely to spend money on things that you do not need. This means that a person is going to need to check the pantry and refrigerator for everything that they are out of so they will know what to add to the grocery list.
6. Plan ahead with your meals

The sixth tip is to make a menu of all of the meals that you are planning on having during the week. This is help you to make a proper list of all of the groceries that you need at home. Every once in awhile, you can allow yourself to have a treat. But it is very important that a person does not overdo themselves when it comes to treating themselves. You do not want to waste any of the money that you are using the coupons to try to save.

7. Check more than one coupon site

The seventh tip is to shop around the different coupon websites to get all of the coupons that you possibly can. You can also check the local newspapers and some of your friends to see if they were able to get different coupons than you. A person needs to remember that the most coupons that they have, the more money that the person is going to save on their grocery bill.

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