Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tips on How to Find the Perfect Roommate for Your Apartment

Selecting a roommate to share your apartment and shoulder some of the living costs can be a great experience. However, by not doing your research and choosing someone haphazardly, could set you up for your worst nightmare. Personalities can vary from one person to the next, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you begin your search. The following tips will help you find the perfect roommate to share your apartment:

Make a List:

Before starting your search, write down a list of the most important attributes your roommate should have. In another column, place characteristics that are absolute deal breakers. This list will help you narrow down your search and help find the most suitable applicant during the interview process.


Ask family and friends that you know and trust if anyone would be interested in moving in together. You already know the traits and personalities of your loved ones and would be able to determine if they are a suitable match.


You can advertise for a roommate in the newspaper, online or by posting flyers. Be sure to include information like the cost of the rent per month, the apartment location, contact information and any other specifics.

Interview the Applicants:

Before you begin interviewing prospective roommates, prepare a thorough list of questions to ask the applicants. Do they have steady income? Will they be having frequent visitors over? Can they show you their credit history? Begin the interview process by chatting with the potential applicants over the phone. If you like what you hear and they seem like they could be a responsible roommate, schedule a meeting face-to-face.

Be Safe:

It’s important to thoroughly check an applicant out before inviting them over to your apartment. Start off with a meeting at a neutral location like a coffee house. Have them bring over pertinent paperwork that includes credit history and references. Discuss how utilities, food and other expenses will be handled. Once you have thoroughly researched them and you can see this person as your roommate, set up a meeting at your apartment to show them around.

Written Agreement:

When you’ve found the perfect applicant that has met all your qualifications, have a written agreement drawn up and signed by both parties. Make sure to list the exact costs each party will be responsible for. Include any additional specific information like move in date, when the contract will expire, if pets are allowed and if the apartment sustains any damages, who would be the responsible party.
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