Sunday, April 22, 2012

7 Tips to Save Everyday

Did you know that you are giving away money every single day? You are almost always tossing money out the window and you probably do not even realize it. Practically everyone is guilty of this habit, but with these seven tips and a bit of finger pointing, you can kick that bad habit out the door and start pocketing money for you and your family. You may not think you are spending as much as you do...but it is the little things that add up quickly.

1. Frugal Food
Food is a major expense. Your body must have food in order to live, so you go to the grocery store. Howeverm you can save TONS ofmoney by clipping coupons. You can also do so by hitting special sales. But the best tip - do not buy what you are not going to eat. If you buy a bunch of bananas (let's say 9 come in the bunch) on sale but only eat 3 before the rest have thrown money away. If a recipe calls for an obscure ingredient you do not typically have on hand, but you buy it anyway, chances are pretty high you are going to throw the rest away after it has spoiled. You will save more money by simply not buying more than you will use, than by using every single coupon you run across.
2: Walk More
Gym memberships come with the best of intentions. However, most people do not use the gym as often as should to make it worth the price. A $50 membership could be a great deal or huge ripoff, depending on your habits. The solution is simple and right in front of you. If you want to be fit and healthy then exercise or walk at home or outdoors. With Youtube, a public library and a sidewalk in front of you, the sky's the limit!

3. ATM Fees
Banks have to charge money in order to make money. If you must have cash on hand, plan ahead and take out what you need at one time. It is better to pay one single ATM fee each week, versus multiple transaction fees.

4. Leave the Debit Card
Always carry a credit card with you, in case of an emergency. But you do not necessarily need to carry your debit card with you. How about leaving it hidden in your car? Having to forge for it will likely stop you from being tempted to swing through a fast food restaurant for a quick snack. It will stop that $3.50 coffee purchase. If you have to become accountable for every purchase, you will stop spending needlessly.

5. Batteries
This is easy. Switch to rechargeable batteries. You will save more in the long term and it is better for the environment. The same can be said for CFL bulbs. You'll save on both bulbs and energy bills, and you won't have to buy another bulb for a year.
6. Razor Blades
Razor blades are astronomically expensive and the damage they do to your skin is horrendous. Cut costs by switching to a rechargeable shaver. It may cost more initially, but you will save money over time in shaving cream and razors!

7. Internet
The Internet is your friend and you can save the most money on this every single day by just following a couple steps. If you need to purchase a large item, research it and shop around. Instead of dialing 411 from your cell phone, use the Internet to search for free. Sign up at websites for discounts or join forums for tips and suggestions.
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