Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Savings from your additional expenses.

There are two type of expenses in our daily life one is Main expenses & another is Additional expenses or Miscellaneous Expenses. Main expenses which we bound to pay. There is no another option but regarding Miscellaneous Expenses we can negotiate with that & there must be some chance to get some savings from there.

As you all know that in this "Finance formulas" blogs i am always trying to put some videos which is very informative. So, here is another one where you will come to know how you can get the saving from your Miscellaneous Expenses.

I have seen this video where you will get the step by step idea to reduce your expenditure. As i know that i have already posted on savings.But in this economical situation we must know some innovative ideas on savings. Every individual do have their personal strategies for savings. I am also not the exceptional one. But since here is a try to help you.

So, how is the video thanks to "You Tube" for this lovely video. please share your feedback in the comments below.

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